At Choice Awareness our products, usually visually based, have been created over the years to inspire, provoke and allow insights to come present as a basic learning device. 

We generally refer to them as visual displays.

Although many of our products combine all kinds of mixed media, they are especially supported in textual format too!

We are sharing some of the more useful ones with you in these pages.

It has been stated that people learn in all kinds of ways: kinesthetically, experientially and visually.

Imagine possibility showing-up by using these various products and how that might spark ideas, new processes and innovation in you, your colleagues, and your teams.

Also, think about how you could mix them: innovation has been known to occur at the intersection of various domains.

Imagine bringing various groups together solely for the purpose of creation. Think about this: CAM is about creating beliefs, choices, actions and results - what could you do if you began to explore and discovery what you needed in your life and business to become more effective at what you do?

Our experience has been that our products help produce awareness, understanding, and insight.

Some open people to new ideas and concepts, while some simply remind us of something long forgotten.

In either way, they can have impact...

Broad Categories

Choice Awareness has defined the following major categories of products for clients:

  1. Self-Coaching Videos - taken from live workshops and other venues: they contain visuals, audios, and illustrations

  2. Quick Reviews: Quick personal and business evaluations to get you started

  3. Readables: Short electronic books that help bring immediate actions and new behaviors

  4. Inspirational: Affirmations and short stories to motivate and inspire you

  5. Methodologies: Practice and Design Models easily implemented to forward change

  6. Disciplines: Time-tested-effective disciplines that help support daily behaviors

  7. Webinars: mixes our product & services - quick learning environments staged world wide all web based to support individual and groups

  8. Workshops: mixes products & services - quick learning environments staged locally & web based to support individuals & groups

  9. Gift Cards: Inspire awareness - coupled with incentives

  10. More Useful Things: Ad-hoc materials that support creativity

Our products are priced in the spirit of Walt Disney - valuable, unique, and accessible to all. 

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Product Sample Purchase Table

We are providing a sample of some of the products that we have available for you to start you on your new journey with us. In addition, there are more than 10 free e-Booklets which describe how to get things going with our methodology, personal practices, Choices Pyramid, Choice Alignment Ladder and much more...

CAM Product Sample Purchase Table
Product Code Products Title - Short Description Price Add To Cart
200-125-15  CAM Awareness Scale - Tool to determine  value or worth (e-Booklet)  $10.95 Add to Cart
10-25-100  Aspirant's Creed - Inspirational Affirmation (e-Booklet)   $3.95 Add to Cart
200-50-90  CAM Quick Personal Review - Self Assessment (e-Booklet) $7.95 Add to Cart
200-50-100  CAM Quick Business Review - Self Assessment (e-Booklet) $8.95 Add to Cart
 10-90-999  American Guide To Success (AGTS) - 25 Page Sample of our e-Book 
 $10.95  Add to Cart

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If you find anything particularly compelling or insightful, or you are left with a sense of high energy, please feel free to send us your impressions and any comments you wish to make about these statements. We look forward to getting your feedback, and please Contact Us with what you experienced from our services and products.