At Choice Awareness we spend a considerable time creating things that we believe will have a positive affect with you.

We believe that creativity exists inside all of us.

(Wisdom Sidebar) We invite you to consider that rather bold statement by reviewing a conversation with Peter Robinson of Uncommon Knowledge and David Kelly inventor of the mouse.

It may not take the shape that one would normally consider - such as drawing, painting, etc.

But nonetheless, it is present with us and we will help you find the keys to unlock that which exists inside of you.

Where Does it Come From?

Creativity comes from our minds and some would say that it is directly available from your Deity - whether it be God, a high-power, the universe or what you believe helps support and drive you forward..

It might be wrapped into our DNA...

You can decide for yourself where your own creativity comes from, but we see it show up in all kinds of ways.

We present a few creative examples for your consideration.

Please ponder them and think about how you might create something tangible in your life and business.

  1. Can you name ten (10) ways could you be creative?

  2. What would happen if creativity showed-up for you in these new ways?

  3. What could happen if you shared them with your colleagues, associates and in your teams?

Examples of Creativity

Take a look at some people, the way they spend their time in their own lives, experience a glimpse at their adventures and see what may come up for you!!!


The Photo shown close by is by photographer Bill Jackson and is titled "View from Space".

In our opinion, this photo demonstrates creativity at a very high level.

Learn how he selects his subjects -  to understand his motivations and what interests him...


We have had the opportunity to view some very exceptional talent.

  • (Wisdom Sidebar) We invite you to view some talented people in a new venue for us that we are experimenting with this year 2014.

We came across a young fellow in Mark Lowndes on Youtube seeing him compete under Australia's Got Talent and were very impressed with his abilities.

Please see Mark also at these links:

  1. Mark's original audition on AGT

  2. Balcony TV Brisbane - Afternoon

  3. Far Away Video - great people


More to come in the near future...

EXPLORING Our Services and Products

We are about creating things via our services and products that work for you; helping you produce tangible "Stuff" that affects you in positive ways.

We believe our development process promotes working with the real issues and challenges you face today.

We use our communications model inside our development activities.

We spend time understanding our clients and customers through direct-coaching. We use these intimate occasions to get at the heart of challenges, then we sit back and ponder what worked toward solving those challenges.

From these connections, we see patterns, sometimes with circumstances seemingly familiar and/or not. 

Then we look to any possible solutions, inspecting where domains might intersect: they bubble and show up for us.

When our collective solutions work, we inspect the reasons, the conditions present and uncover central ideas. Some of these turn into products.

Please take a look at some of our  solution which culminated in a series of products:

  1. Release Plans - general webinar introduction.

  2. Release Plans  - general workshop introduction.

  3. Release Plans -  general mentoring introduction.


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BEST REGARDS and Thanks for considering us.

If you find anything particularly compelling or insightful, or you are left with a sense of high energy, please feel free to send us your impressions and any comments you wish to make about these statements. We look forward to getting your feedback, and please Contact Us with what you experienced from our services and products.