At Choice Awareness we participate with our customers and clients with products and services which include videos, workshops, webinars, mentoring practices and business consulting as a means to engage learning, excellence, and growth.

(Special Note)

Our parent, Benninghofen Company, is a business and educational consulting firm which combines best methods and practices for the sales discipline and assists in the development of leadership teams. These two practices, while distinct, intersect at various connections.

Our Leadership Practice, embodied here in our Choice Awareness Management brand, involves developing leadership team members and individuals in fundamentals, while implementing a beliefs-based and employee centric culture focused upon delivering excellence, performance, participation, contributions and improving communications.

We use multiple proprietary methodologies included these highlighted here: 1. The 4P's process designed to develop: 1) business and team purpose; 2) engage and encourage people; 3) expand participation with innovation and solutions; and 4) practices which improve the effectiveness of the business and teams 2. The Beliefs and Choices Methodology (BCM) provides a road map to create your own belief systems for your business and people. Stakeholders will take on the created beliefs as their own which increases connection between themselves and the business. The created beliefs have measurable outcomes.

We believe our products and services provide our audiences with opportunities to couple beliefs, choices and actions with defined results for those of you already have commitment and willingness.

What It Means to You

Tangible benefits arrive in awareness, effectiveness, improved results and other things begin to show up in various ways:

  1. Language elevates;

  2. Actions intensify;

  3. For businesses - new and revised customers, vendors and employees multiply;

  4. For individuals - new and revised relationships arrive in many different forms; and finally

  5. Solutions and creativity abound.

Awareness is the Key

And, tucked inside of awareness are:

  • possibility,

  • opportunity,

  • understanding,

  • knowledge,

  • and more...

Our learning model is based upon asking questions and pointing to things which make sense. Here is an example:

Some "What Is" Questions

See what comes present for you when you answer the "What is needed to:"
  1. Invoke clarity?

  2. Generate awareness?

  3. Uncover possibility?

  4. Reveal opportunity?

  5. Forward action?

  6. Apply learning?

in you, your team, your organization, or your company?

We have more questions for you and we promise to help you find the answers for yourself!!!


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