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At Choice Awareness we have created a Quick Personal Review (QPR) which includes a Scoring Form will help you determine how you are progressing on your On-Purpose personal life.

We include here some fascinating information that will help you get started on determining what is important to you. 

Not everyone knows the answers to these tough questions because we are not taught to ask ourselves.

We invite you to read this page, answer a few questions and determine for yourself if these will help you.

We believe so, but your own answers are what's important for you.


People pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year to have experts tell them what they are doing wrong and right: usually the former is more acceptable to us!!!

Yet, many people already have some idea of what might be occurring: and some do not have a clue.

Either situation is perfectly OK.

Our question is "Does this sound familiar?"

Yes is the feedback we hear most often. 

Another characteristic coupled with this inquiry is that we don't believe our own evidence: and it is often right in front of us.

Would you like a valuable and quick method to do the analysis yourself?

If your answer is "YES" then keep reading...

And, we also invite you to spent a few minutes getting ready for something new - read this first.

Would You Like to See ONE question to see what you will Get?

This question, number 4, alone is worth significant value to you, especially if you stop and carefully consider the power that exists within the words.

Ok, here goes...

 4. Do you have a plan for your future and all aspects of it, is it in writing, and is it actually happening for you?

This is a great question, but the awareness from answering it will flow faster to you in scoring the question for yourself.

Using our CAM Awareness Scale, select a number between 0 and 10 for how important this is to you? Then, determine using the same scale, your current level of achievement. And finally, score yourself on where you want to be in 12 months. Also, you can priority rank each question by the most important to you (1) to the least important (10).

(Wisdom Sidebar) This is not some silly questionnaire published by the culture HOT and IN magazines that honor form over substance. These question have real substance to them - they are important to your own life - especially your beliefs and choices. We don't gauge how you compare to anyone else but yourself. If you want to compare yourself to someone, compare yourself to your Deity or a Hero and see how you stack up - comparing yourself to other humans is a completely worthless activity because you will find yourself failing.

You may find a gap between the scoring - this is normal!!!

These questions are general ones but we want you to think about them before you purchase our questionnaire...

  • What if you could determine 3 quick gains for your personal life?

  • How many things could you do with more awareness showing up for you?

  • What could do if you actually got insight that you never had before?

  • How could you do more with relationships that matched your value system completely?

  • What could you do with more time, money and other resources?

and "What if some of the answers to these questions came present for you by answering the questionnaire?"

New CAM Choices Application in 2017

Planned for 2017, this questionnaire will be on-line in a cloud based application called “CAM Choices”. Your answers will be saved, calibrated for generating a foundational categorized beliefs set and based upon what you considered important to you.

In addition, you will be able to track all your questions/items for attainment, based upon your priority ordering from the most important to th least. A set of foundational beliefs will be established for you to alter or keep, as a starting point for you to begin to develop the characteristics for your on-purpose personal life.

What might this be worth to you?

It is time to find out how you will stack up to these important and enlightening questions.


We Teach You How to Use Our Quick Personal Review (QPR)

We have designed a 31 page QPR Instruction Guide e-Booklet which shows you how to use the QPR Scoring Form with the instructions to complete the questionnaire and how you can gain insights about your current on-purpose personal life.

Below is the cover page our of e-Booklet. When you purchase our Quick Personal Review (QPR), you will be provided with an email with a download link to our booklet.





















Our products are priced in the spirit of Walt Disney - family worthy, unique and accessible to all. 

Quick Personal Review (QPR)

We invite you to purchase our Quick Personal Review (QPR) and spend the next 30 minutes or so answering the questions and pondering what they can mean for you.

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