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Manifested Beliefs Book

At Choice Awareness we write because we enjoy sharing what we have learned and gladly pass it along for you.

We decided to write a book of our Beliefs and Choices Methodology (BCM) to focus our attention to helping Aspirant's as our special recipients.

We did this for the purpose of providing a foundation for putting choice as the center of your selection process: helping you to learn how to live an On-Purpose life

  • We say that when you are living an On-Purpose life you have defined a set of beliefs, choices, actions and results such that you life consistently delivers what you have designed and executed. 

  • In addition, you must take responsibility for your design and the manner in which you execute your choices

  • Also, you must measure, manage, monitor and change that which doesn't work 

What's it About?

The book describes in complete detail all of our methodologies we use to teach about our BCM, how we came to it, what it can do for you, the what and why of purpose, and all the how's to set up your BCM to live an On-Purpose life for individuals and how to create a company culture which is belief based and people centered.

more to come...


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Now is the time for you to explore what treasures we have in store for you with our "Manifested Beliefs: The Behavior of Champions" Book. (Note - Our publisher will likely change our current working copy Book Title in 2018).

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Manifested Beliefs: The Behavior of Champions Starting with 10 Champion Beliefs - 10 page sample


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Manifested Beliefs: The Behavior of Champions Starting with 10 Champion Beliefs - the Complete Book


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