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Framework Foundation

At Choice Awareness we have developed the CAM Framework Foundation methodology that allows you to define basic elemental components as building blocks to help forward you through your personal or business life.

Framework Foundation

Putting Fundamentals in Place

Our Framework Foundation provides a roadmap as a guide for people to function in their lives with basic fundamentals the family, church and supporting institutions used to teach: many do not today.

Some have become bankrupt; sometimes harmful and useless. We expect to right this situation by teaching people how to build their own frameworks with ancient time-test principles-based ideas and knowledge.

The three reasons for using our framework are: 

  1. You will be contributors when you conduct your lives by making selections based upon healthy principles and values: you should consider them sacred must have's,

  2. You owe a debt of responsibility to past generations for what you have and continue to receive today; you must pay it forward so others benefit,

  3. You can be happy, fruitful and productive when you consider others first and help fulfill on their needs.

These components become the basis for how you go about living your life, making selections (i.e. choices and decisions) for yourself, and the important and character based kinds of things you want to be sacred and honorable in your life. 

Your framework foundation will be your compass on how to deal with various situations which come up.

How you respond to the daily circumstances presented to you, defines who you are: we help you create or modify your framework foundation as a basis for living and responding to your life.

Simple but not easy.

We have found that our CAM Framework Foundation proves helpful on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis - you will too!!!

Framework Introduction

There are three components to our framework which are as follows:

  1. Core Component
  2. Participating Component
  3. Continuing Component

Each component has its own criteria for creating, defining and setting up your selections.

You may find that after looking over our examples on this page, you might wonder if you should have more in your life than is present now - this is normal - keep thinking about it because more will probably come up as you read further.

The education of how to use our CAM Framework Foundation is accomplished in a workshop and webinar formats which will be released in the near future.

Take a look at each component to gain an overview of what you might expect.

We have found that the shaping of your lives will be made richer by this experience.

Remember, by our way of  thinking, our beliefs (i.e. watch Core Beliefs Model 110-12-04 Video) are set in place by the experiences we have...all based upon our own unique designs.

The Core component allows you to define what character means to you, your beliefs and the virtues in which you wish to participate.

The fundamentals which you can set into place are the very foundations of human society: it is what makes us a great people.

The Participating component allows you to define various characteristics for your life: important parts present for many people.

You will see that each one of these items present on the visual display more than likely already exists in your life today.

Yet, you may not have clearly defined them with expected results, choices and actions needed to make them occur.

If you recognize you don't have some of these basics, you may consider why they are not in your life and what you may be missing by their absence. 

The continuing component will give you a way to inspect your framework after you have created it, to determine if it is working effectively for you.

You will be able to change and adapt your framework if something isn't working correctly.

Our process has the potential for defining a rich life and helping you with making change stick.















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Now is the time to try our CAM Framework Foundation Introduction and put it to good and effective use in your life... 

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