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At Choice Awareness our mission has a straight-forward and powerful intention which is to help you produce results and leave you in purposeful beliefs, choices and actions.

Why A Model?

Models are effective ways to describe concepts because a visual is worth thousands of words - yes?

Much more importantly, the value of the concept(s) exists in its applicability to your particular needs; the usefulness is where value is realized.

Our CAM OPA Model is a methodology designed to have individuals, professionals and business people working On-Purpose.

We have an introductory webinar which will highlight all the features of our model.

It is our consistent learning model because it is designed to engage people in high levels of participation.

Then also, it helps to ensure getting the right people doing the right things, connecting all stakeholders, and continously practicing to gain the targeted results.

We call it our "CAM On-Purpose Awareness Model" created with the sole purpose to attract the value of "Awareness" in your life. We sometimes to refer to our model as the 4P's or the 4L's model...

It is intended to produce the "Gift of Awareness" to those who participate - see our unique business cards.

The model uses process attractors and language energizers to produce and sustain excellence giving high effectiveness in your business. 

Historical Context

We use this model as the basis for our coaching and mentoring products and services. The underlying accepted sound principles and practices leave customers and clients in purposeful action producing the intended results they want. Once our CAM On-Purpose Awareness Model is implemented inside your personal or business life, it is about becoming aligned with your stakeholder community (see our CAM Alignment Ladder).

Model Components & Outcomes

The model consist of a large blue awareness circle, with 4 smaller circles colored in lighter shades of yellow and green. The colored circles depict the 4 awareness process attractors of purpose, people, participation and practice which perpetuate the continuous attraction of awareness.

The methodology is activated and driven by the 4 language energizers of choice, listening, speaking and commitment which will consistently forward results. When combined, these two engaging powers will effectively produce and sustain excellence.

The "Gift of Awareness" will create, foster and sustain understanding which will allow for the possibility and opportunity to:

      1. Enroll people in purposeful actions,
      2. Produce intended results,
      3. Eliminate misunderstanding,
      4. Create high-energy to sustain vitality,
      5. Elevate language
      6. Improve effectiveness
      7. Sustain excellence.

You can learn more about our methodology in our introductory courses found under product section(s) called Webinars and Workshops.

In addition, we invite you to inspect our branding and use of these colors...

Explore It Now

We invite you to download our CAM On-Purpose Awareness Model free 35 page e-Booklet which contains introductory product details below under our Selection Download Table.  We believe that awareness gained from using our model can transform to understanding with the right elements in place with many exciting things occurring. Our CAM On Purpose Awareness Model is taught in our webinars and workshops: the e-Booklet will give you a good grounding in understanding its power - it can be very effective in your life... 

Our products and services are priced in the spirit of Walt Disney - family worthy, unique and accessible to all.

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CAM On Purpose Awareness Model:
The Power of the 4P's Fundamentals   


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Our e-Booklet is in Adobe DPF format and be downloaded to any devices which accepts this format. 

We invite you to explore more of our website to gain some appreciation of what's in store for you - please check out Good Ideas.


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