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CAM Awareness Scale

At Choice Awareness we recommend measuring things and we suggest an easy way is our CAM Awareness Scale (CSA): it is most effective to evaluate and determine the value or worth of something for you.

Why Measuring Stuff Counts

We all evaluate and determine tangible things in our life by measuring them.

Here are three important reasons to measure things:

  1. It provides us meaning and understanding,

  2. It helps us order our thinking about something and rationalize it's use to us,

  3. It assists with our awareness of how important something is to us.

There are hundreds of devices that show us what is occurring with their unique and particular meanings for us. As an example, our car dashboard tells us:

  1. The fuel remaining and how effective our fuel is being used

  2. Temperature of the engine and the outside temperature

  3. How fast we are going and how many miles we have traveled

  4. GPS shows us where we are headed and how to get there

  5. Other things too: How soon to service the engine; etc.

Or, other simple devices like a weight scale shows how much we weigh.

Aside from the current moment we are reviewing the tangibles, we usually take these for granted, think little of it. It just is...But, let's look at something of special importance to us.

How Can we Measure the Intangible things in Our Lives?

The intangible things in life tend to become the most important: these mean everything to us.

We ask "Who teaches us how to determine or evaluate what they mean to us, how we feel and think about them?".

How do we learn to judge them properly within the context of our beliefs?

If you are like most people, we learn these things by applying our past experience, our intuition, or listing the pros and cons of it, or by asking advice from family and friends or simply by guessing.

Overall, each of these methods or ways work to varying degrees, some better than others. We believe that intuition is a great channel, however many people don't follow it consistently and never measure it.

Important Questions with serious consequences

Here are some examples of typical questions which our clients shared with us:

  • Who helps us determine how much we trust someone?

  • Whether or not we are happy, content, satisfied?

  • Are we are doing the things we really love?  

  • How about working in our job?

  • Does our job produce the income we deserve and want?

  • What are the ways we select the things we do?

  • How do we chose the people and community in which we interact?

  • Where we should live and work?

  • Where should we spend our time, money and effort in our lives?

All of these questions (i.e. you can expand your own list easily), depend upon:

  1. how we feel about things,

  2. reason them and

  3. make selections

On top of that, we give our own unique meaning in our answers!!! 

Where do we go for Help?

Has anyone provided a simple and easy method for measuring these really significant intangible things yet? There are multiple answers in our business lives, but how about in our personal lives?

YES - We have, and it only takes a few minutes to learn how to do it.

For us, after thousands of times using our CAM Awareness Scale (i.e. my wife Janet suggested this in 2005), we have found that it helps us in all our selections, our choices and especially in our decisions: life is much easier to understand, more accessible, more available and much more fun to do.

Becoming Aware is a Starting Point

Becoming aware of things is the starting point for understanding. We wish for you to gain awareness in all things in your life: to be present and make choices which serve you well.

The CAM Awareness Scale is just such a device to help you in your selections and choices: a calibration instrument and/or tool used exclusively to measure all things: tangible or intangible.  It helps take the uncertainty away!!!

After an introduction to the varied uses, you will become adapt at making selections: most of us have found that is strengthens our intuition and helps us in other ways too.

CAM Awareness Scale (CAS)

Please review our scale and notice the simplicity on its design: 0 to 10, low, average and high. You can look at this one time and appreciate how it can work for you. We test our energy levels, motivation, attitude and presence of mind multiple times during the day. We make choices based upon our initial intuition of the scale reading for each and act accordingly. We find that our intuition improves by using our scale - it gets better over time and we tend to gain greater certainty. You can too!









We strongly suggest measuring all things, especially your choices or decisions, regardless of whether you want to change something or not.  Changing something, without measuring it may prove useless and ineffective: sometimes, even dangerous and fatal (i.e. we have some stories that would curl your hair!!!)

Tangible and Intangible

The things for measuring could be tangible things like: accomplishments, task to do, etc.

Or, more likely -  intangible things, such as emotions, preferences, wants, needs, likes, dislikes, concepts, people, ideas, happiness - literally just about anything we can imagine.

Purpose of Measuring

It is named the CAM Awareness Scale intentionally for a reason: by measuring something, we gain awareness - and  the distinct possibility of more understanding to come...

WE Teach You How to Use Our Scale

We have designed a 32 page e-Booklet which shows you how to use the scale and how you can implement our scale in your life.

We have been teaching our clients and colleagues how to use this for all kinds of reasons: for hiring people, evaluating preferences, selecting products and services, etc.

Below is the cover page our of e-Booklet. When you purchase our CAM Awareness Scale, you will be provided with an email with a download link to our booklet.



A Simple Example of Using the Scale

Let's assume that you have a belief about your abilities to complete things in your current job. Your belief is that it takes energy, focus, knowledge and the right kind of skills to do this particular project called " Monday's Management Review".

You are going in front of the management team to share your opinion and evaluation about the project you been assigned. It's Friday morning and your meeting is set for Monday at 4:00pm.  You already know that you possess the energy, focus, knowledge and skills with a measurement on the CAM Awareness Scale of 8 for each of these intangibles. You have gone through your list of five major points. You are satisfied that you understand the why, what and the how of it and you scored each using the scale. You are almost ready.

You also determined that you wanted feedback from your team of 20. Because of your own experience and use of the Scale, you prepare a survey with the evaluations and you ask your team to score them using the Scale. They report back to you after lunch and you review the findings, which are pretty close to your own except in one point - a really important item. They scored much lower than you, 2 points difference and under 7. Under 7 for you means something is staring to go south. You explore this further by calling  a meeting to get more feedback. The meeting confirms their scoring. Now, you must understand why you differ from your team, and determine what to do.

Here's another belief you hold - integrity is the most important value you honor first. You ask yourself "Is being honorable trump everything else and how do I score myself on this point with this issue?". You score yourself a 10 on integrity. Your path is now clear, you must change you scoring to match the team and you must understand what the overall team evaluation means.

In this example, the Scale was used often and for different selections. When you first started using the Scale, it seems uncomfortable taking your first score that popped into your head but you learned after time to trust your readings. Like anything else in which you become good, this Scale requires practice to gain confidence and accuracy.

We hope this example has initiated you with the possibility of how our Scale will help you.

Our E-Booklet will get you started on your way.

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Now is the time to try our CAM Awareness Scale and put it to good and effective use in your life... 

Our products are priced in the spirit of Walt Disney - family worthy, unique and accessible to all.


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