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Aspirant's Creed

At Choice Awareness we reserve parts of our day for contemplation, prayer and affirmation to help us remain tranquil and centered.

These were not practices that used to be part of our day, but they are today and we are the better for it.

We share a few disciplines that have helped us attain a more peaceful presence: the Creed has become a starting point for us.


Our CAM Aspirant's Creed is a personal discipline prayer or affirmation for contemplation to guide you on a daily daily.

By Design

The creed contains three powerfully designed paragraphs which are intended to open a person to possibility at many different levels - both internal and external:

  1. personal identity level,

  2. feeling and sensing level, and

  3. Finally at a self-realization level

Aspirant’s Creed

We are providing the beginning of the creed, so that you can gain a sense of what is possible...

"I believe in the power which guides me through the day,


        The power loves and protects me,


        The power surrounds me with grace"....


To understand better the power and source of inspiration that the CAM Aspirant's Creed will provide you, select from our table below and begin reading on a daily basis.

Combine the reading of the creed with your other morning actions, which you use to start your day.

If you become stuck during the day, read it out loud by yourself and realize the calming and quieting affect as it radiates into your being.

WE Teach You How to Use Our Creed

We have designed a 24 page e-booklet 10-25-100 which shows you how to use the creed and how you can implement in your life. In addition, there is a short description of the developmental process. We will be issuing our Book about the writing of it over the next year.

Below is the cover page our of e-booklet. When you purchase our CAM Aspirant's Creed, you will be provided with an email with a download link to our booklet.



















Our products are priced in the spirit of Walt Disney - family worthy, unique and accessible to all.

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Aspirant's Inspiration

The table contains both the Aspirant's Creed and an Intimate Intention - the creation process and what it mens and has meant to our founder.

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CAM Aspirant's Creed - Personal Affirmation


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The Aspirant's Creed - Intimate Intentions:
A draft with only chapter 1...more to come


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Once you have purchased our products(s), you will receive an email confirmation and a download link for the 10-25-100 CAM Product Details - which contains the Aspirant's Creed and how one would make use of it.


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