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At Choice Awareness, we designed the organization of our website around Theme Tabs and our multiple sub-menus, to make it easy to navigate.

There is a wealth of information on our website and we encourage you to take time to slowly investigate what we have present for you.

What would have us suggest taking time and being slow about it?

We have a belief that investigating new or old ideas pondering whether they have meaning for you and/or applicability in your On-Purpose life is a worthy exercise because your choices make up your On-Purpose life.

We have also found this takes time: where many of us seem pretty rushed at life these days. We invite you to consider one significant idea - The Speed of Human - Choice.


Our tab themes or main menus turn white when you hover with your cursor (desktop or laptops) or finger (smart devices or tablets) over each item. Step down each sub-menu and see which ones will  provide you another level.

Our sub-menus are highlighted turning red by hovering your cursor or finger over each item. They are displayed in the left-hand most portion of the webpage in the yellow sidebar, regardless of which of the two sub-menus levels you select..   Again step down each of these to see what opens up for you.

We invite you to drill into the next few sub-menus to test how they each work - use the left-side bar to experiment...


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BEST REGARDS and Thanks for considering us.

If you find anything particularly compelling or insightful, or you are left with a sense of high energy, please feel free to send us your impressions and any comments you wish to make about these statements. We look forward to getting your feedback, and please Contact Us with what you experienced from our services and products.