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At Choice Awareness, we designed the organization of our website around a few themes, to make it easy to recognize concepts and ideas.

Our basic themes are easy, helpful and identified in our six major tabs:

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Services
  4. Products
  5. Creativity
  6. Good Ideas

We invite you to explore these tabs and please make sure that you hover over the images on each page - they explain things in a unique way.

We spend time and effort to make this experience both enlightening and enjoyable.

Historical Perspective

We are bringing to you life-times of experiences packed with information and knowledge - if you implement some of them you can acquire and gain understanding and wisdom from their application in your life.

And we want to encourage you to provide us with your feedback by clicking on our Contact Us link below and the social media icons - please offer your suggestions for improvement...

When you click on the FaceBook share button, an image on this page will appear so that you can share with someone the main image theme of our page. We believe this will help people understand the context of the theme, topic or subject we are exploring - we have learned that visual displays tend to impact people in a positive way.

(Wisdom Sidebar) We have used over 400 images throughout our website and spent considerable time and effort to include image titles which make sense. In a similar fashion, all of our links have titles too.

Thinking For Yourself

We encourage you to think for yourself, to ponder and mull over what we are presenting, always with a bent toward applying what you learn in your own life and that of others.

We expect you to share with others what comes up for you - discuss it in depth, challenge the ideas and become an advocate for yourself: you're understanding of what comes up for you is what this is all about.

We want you to accept input from others, but we desire that you are discerning about their suggestions, all within the context of your own beliefs and choices architecture.

Yet, we have a few cautionary recommendation about feedback you may get from others. Some people's beliefs prevent them from seeing the benefits that are possible and they may even sabotage your own efforts at growth - there are many reasons for this circumstance. But we implore you to share with people that are trust worthy and have your best interest in mind. This is not always easy to discern at times because of our own humanness - which at times our thoughts and behaviors are filled  with the seven deadly sins. Be patient and be guided by some sage advice below.

Tips for Excluding Worldly Suggestions

There are a few strategies that have become common place in our culture which are easy to spot - they are typically harmful and useless to you. They may occur or not and might even be subtle in the strategy usage: these examples below are common place in politics and business - not necessarily in your personal life but entirely possible. They may seem exaggerated.

You should be mindful and begin to notice these strategies:

  1. The person, association, business, organization, media outlet, public relations firm, spokes person, politician, etc., (this list is endless) speaking will attempt to convince you that the subject, information, knowledge or idea you are hearing about is wrong, fact less, false, etc - and their position is real and truthful. There will be an attempt to deny they had any part in it, and will tend to blame others. When this occurs the opposite is usually true - their position is not true and filled with self-protection - check out the language used in detail too - and see how cagey this can be. They were involved, they have accountability and they are trying to influence you otherwise. We suggest completely turning away from this, unless you are testifying in a court of law (and this depends upon the level of the court too and what's at stake), where you know the players and how the cards are stacked, the position of each of them and the possible outcomes. Since you are likely not playing for high-stakes very often, it is enough to know that this is very common - remember that justice is blind - it just appears not to be.

  2. Almost immediately after the denial phase, the next step will be an attempt at personal and professional character assassination, such that all forces will descend upon the individual, group, etc., from varying positions, so that the odds appears overwhelming against the person or group. This is a sure sign the tellers are actually speaking the truth. They may be in mortal danger depending upon the stakes - again.

  3. Then to top this all off, someone will suggest the person or the group is associated with dangerous and harmful activities and are a threat to your safety or well being. In addition, the credentials of the person or lack thereof in the target fire area, will be accused of or boldly charged for not having the expertise to make claims or abilities to ascertain an effective evaluation - thus completely killing any prospect the person could be taken seriously. We suggest that you don't fall into this trap because the individual probably has the insider information and maybe the goods on the perpetrators. We have found those doing the accusing usually contain all, if not most of the characteristics being charged - dimwittedness being a center point of characteristics; those who shout the loudest are typically your culprits.

We don't want you be to bent toward expecting these to occur, but be armed and forewarned - as an explorer scout or marine prepared for anything...

There are simple way to overcome some of these bold attempts - just ask some salinent questions and listen to the answers - the language used will appear meaningless, off-track, redirected and meant to obscure - some of our polticial and business leadership class have taken the art of this to new lows. It is almost humorous and unfortunately very sad.


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BEST REGARDS and Thanks for considering us.

If you find anything particularly compelling or insightful, or you are left with a sense of high energy, please feel free to send us your impressions and any comments you wish to make about these statements. We look forward to getting your feedback, and please Contact Us with what you experienced from our services and products.