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At Choice Awareness we spend considerable time developing partnerships with all kinds of organizations primarily for the purpose of furthering the beliefs and choices architecture. 

Our Sponsor Guide is currently under development and scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2014.

The purpose of the Guide is show how we develop partnerships and how we can work together to help grow each other's business.

There is a guide for each of the four On-Purpose courses we offer, differing only by the content of each course.

The intention is to teach and support the sponsor about how to put together a course, the benefits to the sponsor and how to attract prospects and clients to engage with you as a sponsor.

This is all pretty straight forward and simple: for a look at why you might want to consider our courses as a way to more fully engage your customers, we invite you to take a look one of our videos which introduces the concept of an Appreciation Event 110-20-02.

Each announcement will be made via our website and social media announcements.


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