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At Choice Awareness we help you understand the management portion of the Beliefs and Choices Methodology (BCM) by providing you some fundamentals in our way of thinking.

CAM Management

For us, management most often conjures directing, supervising, and/or controlling the use and means of accomplishing an end, as in a specific result or outcome.

It also usually entails people, processes, and other valuables like equipment, money, and other things (i.e. you name them).

Look to the industrial revolution for the creation, development and evolvement of current business management theory and practices.

Of course, military history can be reviewed and studied throughout the ages to determine various strategies and tactics for offensive and defensive approaches.

Choosing Connected to Mannagement?

Managing though, seems somehow unconnected to choosing and deciding.

Why would or how would someone accomplish that?

The answer to the "why" question exists in the end result.  

The answer to the “how” question exists in the movement toward the end result.


Don’t be, this is not tough stuff.

It is entirely possible, attainable and even reasonable to use known, working and effective management techniques to manage your selections.

You and anyone else can do it. We will teach you how to create your own techniques that work for you.

That is the beauty of Choice Awareness and our CAM Methodologies.

Once you create it, apply to your own life, you will see results that will astound both you and the people that know you.

They will wonder how you became so smart and effective.


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