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The Science of BCM

At Choice Awareness we help you understand the science portion of the Beliefs and Choices Methodology (BCM) by providing you some fundamentals in our way of thinking.

For us, science conjures aviation, underwater and space exploration, advanced medicine and surgical developments, computer sophistication and technology wizardry with a very close association to observation, measurement and verification.

The layman's acceptance and appreciation for science centers upon the wonder's of and uses of technological advances: the practical application of the advances coupled with the associated rich impact has an affect upon our lives. Granted we've seen huge marvels occur and know that significant impacts are felt across many domains and disciplines - sometimes with frenzy. We generally appreciate this very much...

Science appears to be held in high-esteem simply because of the nature of proof and those who prove.

Laymen seem to be left with this Newtonian concept of cause and effect: then our attempts to explain our lives and several of the aspects of it to this model.

Sound familiar?


It is said that the observed cannot be the observer and that experiments’ are influenced by the observations and the establishment of the observation.

It is important to accept and understand that observation is a primary tenant of science: use this insight as a way to change your thinking about how you can apply science in your life.

Observation is an effective means to understanding. This is true, and someone else's observations’ of you will prove helpful in a number of areas. Your own observations of what is occurring around will provide good input for you too!

ARGUMENT for Focusing Attention

An argument for the engagement of facilitation/mentoring could be advanced here because one needs the assistance of an independent observer to perceive what is actually occurring. It is not the goal to approve or disprove the benefits of coaching (i.e. we know its values and workability).

But, to establish that some scientific characteristics can be applied in your life. The application of which will help you in understanding something about yourself, those around you, whether involved in your life, directly and indirectly.

(Aside) Try something for the next few days: begin to observe things around you by focusing your attention upon what you hear and what you say.

Start to Measure

We have already begun the process of introducing you to the value of measurement (i.e. see our CAM Awareness Scale). It is part of the process of BCM science and involves recording the results of something - your measurements. To understand how we value something - measure it.  It is much like taking the temperature - indoors and outside.

Our first rule of thumb for change is to measure that which is because:

  1. This will produce a baseline for comparison.

  2. It drives a stake in the ground as a place to start.


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