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At Choice Awareness we help you understand the art portion of the Beliefs and Choices Methodology (BCM) by providing you some fundamentals in our way of thinking.

For us, art conjures painting, music, literature, theatre, and photography (i.e. like the photograph close by) usually with a very close association to appreciation and mastery. There are many other forms of art too - we just selected the top ones which came to mind for us.

The language usage may at first, appear somewhat unfamiliar when thinking about or applying the terminology in conjunction with choices and decisions.

Stay with your beginners mind and continue reading.


Appreciation is defined generally either:

  1. as a favorable critical estimate; or

  2. sensitive awareness as in a recognition of aesthetic values; or

  3. an expression of admiration, approval or gratitude; and finally

  4. as an increase in value, such as property or stock.

We will use definition 2 and 3 of appreciation for our discussion of art.

In addition, mastery is defined generally either:

  1. the authority of a master; or

  2. the upper hand in a contest or competition; or

  3. the possession or display of great skill or technique; and finally

  4. skill or knowledge that makes one a master of a subject.

We will use definition 3 and 4 of mastery.


Appreciation for art appears very strong and growing as determined by the purchasing of art (e.g. for those forms previously mentioned above). A sample of current sales figures, compared to the relevant sales of five years preceding, provides an understanding of the acceptance and growth of art. Further more, some would suggest that mastery has fallen off in the past 40 years, especially when comparing art over the most recent two-hundred years: critics would site American, Asian and European cultures as significant influencers. Of course, others would disagree: evaluation and disagreement are natural components of the art world.

We Leave The Art World to Itself

For the moment though, we will leave the argument for what constitutes art in today’s world for another time, and for people more skilled at critical assessments of painting, music, literature and theatre.  A recent Wall Street Journal article suggested though, that art experts have as hard a time making determinations about authenticity, as they do about what constitutes good art. We suggest you feel free to ponder all you will on that subject…

Application to CHOOSING

For our purposes and within the context of choosing and deciding, appreciation and mastery have very real applicability. If you consider for a moment, that many of us make choices and decisions in the rush of the day, the heat of passions, and without thinking about it much, one could see that appreciation and mastery would not only apply but could have ample affect and the potential for significant impact.  Yes, when argued that making fast decisions could stand improvement, who would not agree?

But, that is not the argument. One’s choosing and deciding is rarely, if at all put to a test of appreciation, while also not usually elevated to a discussion of mastery. Aside from art, politics, and sport, the use of mastery language is rare. So why then, apply these characteristics to one’s choosing and deciding?

The answer lies in the basis for determining appreciation and mastery with your choosing, which we contend involves some form of evaluation and measurement.

Planting the Seeds

If "S" words get to you, like specialization or sophistication, and they drive your emotions and increase your anxiety because you are not sure of the application, fear not.

We are not suggesting a new language, new meaning or anything of the sort.

Common sense, awareness, practicality, and good judgment shall prevail in our suggestions. 

And here is one now - you can gain appreciation and mastery of your selections (i.e. choosing and deciding) by merely being aware that an art form can and does exist.

You can attain it, possess it and create it!!!



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