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At Choice Awareness we deliver results for your personal and business life through our products and services. Our goal is to help you standout by being different.

The way that we accomplish this is to introduce you and your team to a revolutionary methodology that can make a difference in how you conduct yourself.


The Beliefs and Choices Methodology (BCM) was born from working with various individuals, customers and clients where stoppages affected how these people operated inside their lives and businesses.

We invite you to take a quick look at our ideas about selections as background materials to give insight into how we view decisions and choices: very differently.

In many cases the stoppages mentioned related to the beliefs people held, both about themselves and what was possible.

We think and know that all kinds of things are possible, but it requires underlying beliefs to make things happen.

Our objective is not to disappear ineffective beliefs that contribute to these stoppages but to help you and your teams create new beliefs that will automatically obsolete and/or overwhelm the ineffective ones. You focus upon those your create, refine and sustain: the others just drop away.

But, more importantly, we make a distinction between decisions and choices.

Distinction Between Decisions and Choices

Most of us today make decisions which are selections made only from our experiences: they are not usually tied to beliefs or if they are the beliefs are typically unconscious beliefs. Choices however, are tied directly to beliefs. Please keep these definition in mind as you read further.

How effective are we at making them?

If you would like to determine your effectiveness at making choices, ask yourself some simple questions. Start with:

  1. “Am I doing all the things I really love doing? What belief(s) do you have underlying the answer?

  2. Do I have all the things I want for myself, my family, and my friends? Same question - what belief(s) underlay the answer?

  3. Am I being who I want to be?” What beliefs support your answer?

Calibrate your answers by using the CAM Awareness Scale and check your results to the top possibility of 10. If your answer is less than 10, you may want to consider how BCM can help you.

Beliefs and Choices Methodology Solutions

The top two example solutions are highlighted in the table below with their typical problem shown in (red) first, followed by the new outcomes (blue) which manifest when BCM is implemented.

Beliefs become the source of Choice which drive designed actions and results. Beliefs are designed to have specific outcomes or results.

When the result occurs, you gain awareness and insights while at the same time producing faith in the beliefs. This powerful idea about manifested faith permeates throughout the experiences and for businesses, will carry across various business domains (e.g. engineering, quality, production, marketing and sales)if implemented company wide. 

Problem/Solution Table

Individual Characteristics

Business Characteristics  
People hate their jobs. Belief sets help manifest deep faith while aligning personal and job choices with people engaging and enjoying what they do.
Centricity of technical/financial promises permeates with unrealistic expectations dashing hope. People excel in cultures powered in principled/valued beliefs.
People lose faith in themselves. When skill and talent belief sets are created, self-esteem and confidence prevail; motivational drive increases.
Uncertainty exists with inconsistent measures and unpredictable results. Clear measures coupled with highly visible belief-based outcomes produce certainty.


Implementation of BCM

Learning materials of a book (1) (i.e. coming in 2018), videos, workshops and webinars are used to support both individuals and businesses with beliefs/choices transformation.

An application called “CAM Choices” will offer complete visualization/management of one’s own designed belief/choice sets to record, change and track. The software includes on-purpose questionnaires(2), called Quick Personal Review or Quick Business Review that allow self-scoring/ranking to determine importance, current  achievement and 12 month’s objectives: answers are calibrated to road-map base beliefs. Also, access allows connection to a beliefs/choices experiential repository (i.e. organization memory): if desired, interfacing to job/business initiatives. Review Take A Stand to see an example of the belief "Integrity" to gain an initial understanding of how the BCM can be implemented.

Two learning tracks exist: 1) individuals/business both use the learning product sets; and 2) business use business services sets which include leadership huddles (LH) (3) also includes access for teaching teams how to work together and better manage results. 


Pricing Structure

Learning Product Sets

Business Services Sets


$34.00: "Manifested Beliefs: Creating Behavior of Champions..." - Working Copy Title. Hard backed books and downloadables formatted for e-readers.


$3,200: LH 1-4 people, implemented - 4 wks.


Subscription Based Pricing: CAM Choices App $4.99


$5,900: LH 1-6 people, Implemented - 8 wks.


$189.95/per: Beliefs Workshop - 1/2 day & Guides


$9,950: LH 1-8 people, implemented - 10 wks.


$149.95/per: On Purpose Webinars: 4-90 min courses


$15,900: LH 1-12 people, implemented 12 wks.


$4.99/per: Instructive Videos - Themes, Practices 


$25,900: Education for train the trainer, 5 days.


Item Product Code Description Duration Price
Business Services Starter Sets Pricing Table
1 1700-00-02 BCM Business Starter Set 01 - LH 4 people 4.0 wks $3,200
2 1700-00-04 BCM Business Starter Set 02 - LH 6 people 8.0 wks $5,900
3 1700-00-03 BCM Business Starter Set 03 - LH 8 people 10.0 wks $9,950
4 1700-00-04 BCM Business Starter Set 04 - LH 12 people 12.0 wks $15,900
5 1700-00-05 BCM Business Starter Train the Trainer 05 - Education for 5 days 5.0 days $25,900




(1) Our book will include references to available published results for people and non-people centered firms: scholarly papers, HBR and business consulting white papers and books.

(2) Questionnaire contain 10 and 15 questions individuals and businesses don’t normally ask themselves: manually based today.

(3) Leadership huddles are designed to establish foundation results based belief/choice sets for virtues valued by the company as beliefs: the belief/choice designs will no longer lack destinations the way that core values do, nor be perceived as time-bankrupted. The Leadership (Group) Huddles bring leadership members together to explore, discovery, experience and practice using your BCA inside your business or team.

(4) Implementation includes Accountability Sessions (AS), Adaptability Reviews (AR) and Final Project Report (FPR). 


A BCM Introduction Video and pDF

Click on the video image close by to watch a short introduction to BCM Fundamentals "What it Means to be Different", then download the Adobe PDF to access all the clickable links inside the PDF which allows you to read the entire material at your own speed.

Our introduction is intended to show you how you can be different than other people in the way you live your life. We answer this by showing you how you can make choices instead of decisions, all by defining beliefs for yourself and connecting those beliefs to an overall outcome, along with a set of choices with paired actions to produce the outcomes you design. That is the purpose of BCM.

The download table below contains our introduction PDF with clickable references to our blogs and other detailed references to help you understand what's possible.

Our products are priced in the spirit of Walt Disney - valuable, unique and accessible to all. In this case, we are providing a free download for you...

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BCM Fundamentals - "What this Means to you to Be Different". This download is a PDF version our video found above.


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