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At Choice Awareness we were very purposeful and definite about the naming of our brand. This page addresses the bottom part of our logo design and its related meaning.

The Naming of It

Choice Awareness also plays a dominate role as shown with large capital letters above management.

It is also our belief that one can manage the choosing process to great affect, but one must first implement and master the selection process.

We consider ourselves Beliefs and Choices Architects because we help design and implement systemic belief systems.

There is a prevalent belief that decision is analogous with choice – in our opinion it is not.

Our experience suggests otherwise, and we believe that choosing is based in the present and connected to a belief, while decision is based upon the past and is resident in our experiences but not usually connected to beliefs: also too, rote in usage.

But, this is what Choice Awareness Management is all about – learning and understanding. More shall be revealed…

Historical Perspective

The name Choice Awareness Management was chosen by our founder during the early days of 2002, when he decided to move away from the name Flashlight Ideas. The name has its roots in choosing, bringing awareness present and being able to manage all of the components of choosing.


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