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At Choice Awareness we wanted our brand to reflect a deeply heart-felt sense in subtle and important ways.

Graphical Identity 

We wanted something expressive and unique to ourselves - who doesn't?
Having never ventured down this road before, we needed expertise. So, we asked Mike Connor of "cfivecreative" to design an image in an easily recognizable graphic. Mike actually created quite a lot of details in his development process, asking tons of questions - many times which took us a while to answer...We did and we think it shows up.
At the heart of our idea was the concept of our beliefs and choice modeling with "Choice" being the center piece.

The original registered word/trademark image in Figure 1 established our blue, white and black colors - purposefully coalescing a unique and compelling graphically image.

Our original creation included two major portions:

  1. at the top, the logo image itself on a blue background with the motto in white letters Choosing Wisely for a better life; and
  2. at the bottom, the brand name of Choice Awareness Management shown in stacked blue and black letters.

We have since updated and modernized our logo which you see in the second image. We decided in the long run "Choosing Wisely" was not necessarily available to everyone or even wise for that matter: we pulled it feeling that it might be limiting.

Unique Personality

Our intention is that it reflects our stability, wisdom, character, confidence, knowledge, friendship, responsiveness, security, trustworthiness, supportive nature, creativity, intuitiveness, and the overall sense of acceptance, reasonableness and well being.

These are the main characteristics we wish to impart.

Taken as a whole, the design, our blue color scheme, look and feel, clearly exhibits a distinct appearance and captures our unique personality, character and style.

How did we do?

Color Standards and Meaning

To add nuance to our branding, we have employed color schema's for our website, products and services, and other standards all around a positive color meaning psychology using four colors with these characteristics in mind:

  1. Yellow - optimism, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, fun, good-natured, confidence, originally, creativity, challenge and wisdom.

  2. Red - action, energy, speed, attention-getting, assertiveness, confident, stimulating, exciting, powerful, passionate, driven, courageous, strong, spontaneous, determined.

  3. Green - growth, vitality, renewal, restoration, self-reliance, reliability, dependability, tactful, emotionally balanced and calm, adaptability, high moral sense.

  4. Blue - loyalty, trust, integrity, responsibility, perseverance, caring and concern, orderly, contemplative, peaceful and calm. 

(Special Note) Blue is the predominate color in our Logo and our website (e.g. Illustration borders, important highlights, etc.). You’ll also notice these colors are used throughout our e-Booklets and all our printed materials (e.g. please inspect the photo on our branding page of the beautiful paint cans): blue is our founders’ favorite color. 


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If you find anything particularly compelling or insightful, or you are left with a sense of high energy, please feel free to send us your impressions and any comments you wish to make about these statements. We look forward to getting your feedback, and please Contact Us with what you experienced from our services and products.