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Career Background

At Choice Awareness we help people prepare their stories about themselves through materials they accumulate about their backgrounds. We invite you to review samples of the kind of materials that may prove helpful for you to create for yourself.

Experience Set

Our founder's senior consulting background in this section contains summarazied and more detailed historical information than is available through LinkedIn and other internet sources and search engines.

The data has been accumulated over our founder's career and helps to highlight some salient points along the way with regard to his consulting background.

Backgrounder Information

The backgrounder information consists of six components:

  • a two-page resume highlighting an extensive background;

  • a resume addendum with details about experience sets spanning 14 domain categories;

  • the "Buzz on Bob" applause from clients, managers and colleagues;

  • four enterprise project highlights;

  • a staffing engagement turned into a comprehensive project - a sales success story; and finally

  • a knowledge/skills competency report spanning 30+ transferable talents.

The downloads are PDF files, download to most devices.

1. Current Resume: # 160-10-10.

This two-page document reflects Bob's recent experience and accomplishments.

2. Resume Addendum - Domain Background: # 160-10-20.

This four-page document reflects Bob's  detailed background and participation across 14 separate categories including board information technology, industries, leadership, project management, business process and more. This document is helpful in understanding the breath and depth of his background.

3. "Buzz on Bob" - Applause from people who have real world working experiences with Bob: # 165-10-10.

This document reflects a sampling of what people have to say about Bob. You may also request contact information of any of the twelve people listed.


4. Enterprise Highlights: # 160-10-30.

This document highlights four separate enterprise level projects of varying complexity.


5. Success Story - Sales Opportunity: # 165-10-30

This document tells a compelling sales story.

6. Skills Proficiency - Historical Perspective & Competency: # 165-10-20.

This document provides an accounting of relevant and transferable skills.


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