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Founder's Purpose

At Choice Awareness we help guide you in the process of revealing your purpose, what it means to you and why it is important to you.

For those of you interested in learning more about what drives our founder, look no further than this page.

While the work effort required to produce these statements has taken some time to create, for those of you that know Bob, we believe that you will agree with his declarations.

1. My Purpose in Life.

This question about our purpose in life has perplexed man from day one.

Why are we here, what is my unique calling and what am I to do with myself and my time?

Here is Bob's answer to that question:

"I am a creative contributor, an educator, a motivator and a mentor to Aspirant's while living in the moment, experiencing and connecting with people deeply, expressing myself vibrantly, discovering new ways to contribute and participating fully with my talents."

2. My What.

Answering the "What is it that I am and what do I have to offer people?" can be just as challenging as the first question.

"I align myself with vital healthy people and businesses who aspire to thrive: I get to combine my gifts, contribute my sales and leadership, consulting and facilitation talents, while participating in excellence."

 3. My Why.

Then finally, "Why am I doing this: what does it mean to me?": It is embodied in my promises.

My Promises

My top 10 promises I commit to the companies, teams and individuals that engage our services or buy our products:

  1. To incubate new sales and leaders by promoting guiding practices and principles that produce character, personal and professional responsibility, ethical thinking and effective choices and actions which result in producing superior performance through faith in their beliefs: help establish and sustain learning environments and effective organizations.

  2. Assisting with the growth of individuals while creating and providing a place where people learn, enroll, contribute and participate at higher levels: they love to get up and come through their company's doors each day.

  3. Assisting the acceleration of the individual and business by creating and establishing their new or revised foundation beliefs and processes, guiding the implementation and enabling all to function effectively with meaning, understanding and excellence.

  4. Motivating, teaching, leading, guiding, helping solve and instill excellence in all defined disciplines and domains which develop healthy persistent effective behaviors and practices.

  5. Share in creating environments which collectively solves challenges and issues that arise in all these on-going activities: writing about the results in blogs and sharing in other venues to help all with the spirit of integrity, excellence, and effective coaching and mentoring.

  6. Promote compassion, kindness, respect and honoring to produce well being and healthy people through their communications and participation with others.

  7. Influencing ideation with process modeling which enhance the definitions of purpose, people, participation and practices; positively impacting identity, discipline and worthiness.

  8. Leave a legacy that continues to create good deeds, inspires people to excellence where they willingly pass along all learning, knowledge and wisdom to all their stakeholders, including family, colleagues, customers and community.

  9. Helping create processes and practices which works toward promoting awareness and understanding in support of the growth of the individuals and businesses for their products and services.

  10. To participate to my fullest capability, staking my professional career and reputation on the awareness and insight gained, along with producing superior performance which impacts people and business in which I participate.

All of the above definitions relate to my educating people, either through facilitation, coaching, mentoring or influencing, whether it be delivered face-to-face, webinars, workshops, writing or just having a simple one-on-one conversation.


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