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At Choice Awareness we have learned from experience that participation is a principle (belief) which will keep people forever engaged in life.

Our On-Purpose Life model is an effective example of participating in one's life because one must define a set of beliefs to carry you forward to your destination.

Here is a distinction which we know is quite wide-spread:

  • people do not connect the choices they make to their beliefs, except by rote, and

  • the choices usually produce uncertainty - see our blog about certainty.

We know that people are engaged at a certain level in their, but our experience has shown that when beliefs are clearly defined, the results become more certain over time. This suggests that work in the form of definition and actions are required to make things happen. We couple experience, belief, choice, action and result with measuring to produce certainty. Some science is involved in this practice and some art.

Are the results absolute and pristine? Hardly, but what in your life is currently?

We have come to learn by defining beliefs using the methods we have created will change your behaviors and the attendant results will deliver new awareness and understanding which you wouldn't have come to on your own.

We invite you to explore our website, read our blogs, discuss your new learnings with others, then come back to invest some time in determing how this might work for you.


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