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At Choice Awareness when we work with clients for mentoring and coaching services projects, we commonly use a few instruments to make it easy to work with us.

Our contracts articulate both of us making commitments to each other, for the purpose of delivering the results you wish to have come present. 

We ensure that your company materials and ours are protected.

We also grant you a perpetual license to use all the Benninghofen Materials that we bring present in your project for use only in your company or business unit.

We use a Master Services Agreements which identifies all the conditions for working together, along with a Master Services Addendum which establishes the basis for working at various short term consulting with time and materials activities. In addition, we customize a Statement of Work for your particular project, whether it be a Jump Start Business project or a coaching program

If you wish to read our materials, click on the links below to download a copy:

  1. Master Services Agreement sample
  2. Master Services Agreement Addendum sample
  3. Statement of Work sample

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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