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At Choice Awareness we subscribe to PayPal in our business because we believe they have great flexibility in handling your purchases.

On our pages where we provide services or products to purchase, you will notice a "Purchase Information Table"  - a sample is shown below.

We precede and follow our tables with a view cart button so that you can always inquire to see what you are buying before you actually purchase.


Sample of A Methodology Product

Our services and products are priced in the spirit of Walt Disney - family worthy and accessible to all.

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Sample Purchase Information Table
Product Code Description Price Shopping Cart


"An American Guide to Success:
Ideas to Reclaim, Move and Inspire
Your Life" - 25 page sample

"An American Guide to Success:
Ideas to Reclaim, Move and Inspire
Your Life" - Complete Book
$10.95  Coming Soon
10-90-1001 Great Ideas for today's professionals $4.99 Coming Soon
10-90-1002 Beliefs which work for everyone $4.99 Coming Soon
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Once you have purchased our services or products, you will receive an email confirmation and a download link.


(Sidebar) We list our all items with a product code and title which comes across in all our purchasing correspondence. In addition, we provide basic product details created to help you understand more about what we do and the thought process behind their creations: all of which are available as a dowloadable e-Booklet's in PDF format. These service or product details are standardized with release versions, product backgrounds, etc. and include visual displays and many linkable references embedded inside the downloads.

We invite you to look at a few sample pages to see what we mean:

  1. Our CAM Choices Pyramid

  2. Our CAM On-Purpose Awareness Model

For some of our longer publications, we provide samples which are extracts - see "An American Guide to Success" above.

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BEST REGARDS and Thanks for considering us.

If you find anything particularly compelling or insightful, or you are left with a sense of high energy, please feel free to send us your impressions and any comments you wish to make about these statements. We look forward to getting your feedback, and please Contact Us with what you experienced from our services and products.