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At Choice Awareness we have specialty areas which span purpose, people, participation and process (our 4P's), all designed to have you connect with all your important stakeholders communities.

Our Specialty Areas

We define our specialities by summarization as:
  1. Improving Communications,

  2. Operational Effectiveness,

  3. Business Practices,

  4. People Development,

  5. Training and Education, 

  6. and, Soul Based Leadership Emphasis.

We think that most of the things which we help people with revolve around openness, willingness and change...we invite you to read our "Introducing Change into Your Life".

different Perspectives

When you work with us, you will gain new perspectives - see the train tracks close by as a glimpse into the future.

We believe that these powerful underlying sources in any business are directly related to the belief system(s) operating in business and your personal ives.

Whether formalized or hidden, company wide or individual, they are always present; many times operating with strong opposing forces which inhibit effectiveness.

We will help you unlock some of your current beliefs(s) to show you how expose them, but we typcially pass you along to the experts that work with inhibiting beliefs.

Bold Intention

Our major focus is in assisting you to create new and effective beliefs and choices designs for yourself: ones that will support your aspirations and growth.

Our main goal is to teach people how to do this, so your belief(s) will sustain regular inspection, modification and improvement, to enable both you and your business to rely upon itself, its people and processes to learn, grow and prosper.

Central Theme

Our primary emphasis then, is upon your choices with your beliefs as a source of your choices.

For us belief is the primary driver and fundamental component that provides the connection, linkage and relationship among choice, actions and results.

We understand all of these can be designed, practiced and experienced.

Our product set is created around this central idea.

We believe and acknowledge the came-to-believe phenomenon.  

Beliefs operate at a multiple levels: definable and made real with practice.

We accept the reality that this is actually possible, very much needed and highly doable.

We have experienced this in our own personal and business lives.

Background Introductions

We use our CAM Choice Pyramid to help you create your own choices system.

We support your choices system with our Framework Foundation methodology to assist in your development, growth, and to sustain you.

We help you experience possibility by designing your choices systems, so that it show up for you regularly.


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