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Background & Offerings

At Choice Awareness we teach methods and practices to individuals, professionals and business teams.

Then we support that education, so the knowledge and wisdom is passed along to everyone in the individual's or professional's community, and/or the company's reach: across various stakeholders and touch points.

Leading You Forward

We point to effective practice disciplines, enable you by helping you create your own models/practices and encourage you to share with everyone so they can participate in your purpose and your beliefs system: the foundational and universal principles enroll people at both a head and heart level.

Our individual and business models are architected to assist you in realigning-your-life around your own unique purpose and have you operate inside your purpose: hence living-models.

Our models teach you how to do this for yourself, then have you rely upon all your community stakeholders in support of you, with an intent of having you be held accountable for your personal responsibilities.

The way forward for you is created by us to have you design your own effective processes, continue to strive to promote excellence in your life,  all the while encouraging you to participate with focused continuous improvement — ensuring it all works for you.

The Key Element to all This

This is easy to learn and implement these ideas into your life - you just need to become an aspirant.

What we offer

We have created a number of products and services for you that allow you to participate in groups (live internet webinars and face-to-face workshops - and/or recorded too) or individually, which ever your prefer. You may go at your own pace, whether slow or fast.

We support you with the following types of education:

1. Direct education via connected facilitated activities via telephone conversations for mentoring, coaching along with live webinars and workshops

2. Self-coaching products and services with videos, quick personal and business reviews, readables, personal disciplines, visuals, forms, and other materials that can be used at anytime, anywhere purchased and downloaded from our website.

3. Processes which address the underlying sources which enable effective growth for you, by affecting change in people and their businesses - producing healthy, fruitful and articulated beliefs, understandable and precise communication, and an aligned purpose to your beliefs system.

Impacting Self-Help

We believe that the self-help industry overall has an ineffective approach toward assisting people with any real benefits because the underlying choices that people continue to make for themselves are not based upon effective and workable belief systems.

It is true that many self-help providers can and do make differences for people.

But,  for the most part we think that many seminars, workshops and books in which people initially invest, end up on the shelf and are not applied to any real benefit...

There are studies that support this contention: we feel no particular need to articulate this further because our own evidence is compelling.

From our perspective, the key to implementation is an aspirant's motivation, closely coupled with their belief and faith systems they have created and consistently operate on a daily basis for themselves.  

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