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Choice Awareness focuses attention to fundamental beliefs and choices which drives everything in your life

We teach and support people in the what, why and how to create a beliefs system centered upon choices which will foster:

  1. Honesty and Trust,
  2. Belief and Faith in yourself and each other,
  3. Individual and Collective purpose, and
  4. A common language understood by everyone.

We focus upon improving overall language where communication is lifted: words take on new and powerful meaning.

Everyone takes ownership.

Helpfulness, participation, dedication, freedom and responsibility become second nature.

(Wisdom Sidebar) Second nature is normally coupled with "habits" which we think has negative connotations. We have chosen a replacement word using patterns, which we believe contains a much more positive meaning and less judgmental sense of it. Our study and training in Information Technology has helped us spot patterns in all kinds of things: language, behaviors, process, etc. What do you think? Choice of language becomes very important - yes?

Doesn't this sound like the characteristics which would enroll you in yourself, your dreams, your career or profession?

You bet it does!!!

Once you have created your foundation Beliefs and Choices Methodology (BCM) and begin acting inside of it, we say that you are living an On-Purpose Life.

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