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At Choice Awareness we have spent considerable effort in understanding and defining our market space. We have two distinct areas we concentrate: 1) businesses; and 2) Individuals.

1. Businesses

From a business perspective, our principal focus consists of the small and medium business (SMB) in the San Francisco and San Jose metropolitan areas.

Sectors & Sizing

In a traditional manner only for identification purposes, we mapped the industry sectors used from Small Business SBA reference materials. This mapping includes sectors classified by type (i.e. industry and sector number) and by average revenues in the range of the $7m to $35M; our general target market.

These classifications allow us to understand at a high-level where our best opportunities exist:

  • Construction (Sector 23)

  • Transportation and Warehousing (Sector 48-49) 

  • Information (Sector 51)

  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (Sector 54)

  • Administrative Support (Sector 56) Healthcare (Sector 62)


From a geography perspective for the SMB market, we concentrate our activities in the northern California in the counties of Marin, San Francisco, San Mateo, and Santa Clara. Of these counties, we will focus attention to the cities of San Francisco, all of the peninsula cities and San Jose. These cities are close proximity in a 25-60 mile radius making travel easier because our business services for our leadership practice are delivered at client offices.

2. Individuals

From an individual perspective, our principal focus is the individual(s) and we deliver products and services via our website, webinars, videos, blogs, our books and an smart device application (i.e. forecast for 2018/2019). Occasionally, we will work with different groups of individuals, locally in San Francisco and San Jose metro areas.

However, we don't actually compete against what marketing experts would identify traditionally as competitors, unless of course you consider "Parents" and "Family" as the primary/secondary competitor groups.

This may appear at first glance to be a rather a bold statement.

We ask you to please hold-on for a few moments before jumping too far into those sets of assumptions and forgone conclusions - you could make yourself ineffective or be mislead on many counts.

Our Market

First, let us explain what we believe is our market and how we identify the target group.

These demographics and their correlated considerations prevail for us:

  1. People with cognitive ability to make choices for themselves, usually people without intellectual limitations or impairments,

  2. People who are curious and seek to learn: we call them aspirant's because they are looking for lives worth living for themselves

  3. People of any age, background, experience, ethnicity or gender, regardless of preferences, ideology, affiliations, yet non-violent individuals: willing to operate under distinct patterns of behaviors.

  4. People who can be open to concepts, ideas, evidence, processes and the like, whether available via the internet or other stakeholder venues: these individuals will possess the capacity and willingness to make promises to themselves and others in their circles,

  5. People who strive at excellence and desire to possess aspirant's qualities: applying them in their lives and consistently willing to share with others.

Our Competitors 

We believe there are many competitors to us, but not the ones that may come to your mind immediately.  Please ponder our list slowly:

  1. Parents are the primary competitor to us because they are the responsible party(s) for creating the basic beliefs that the individual operates under and through inside their own lives: many times the conditioning, preferences, opinions, ideas, etc. were unintentionally begun and propagated, but none the less, they remain active, hardened and intact, ready to defend the territory, usually not giving up without a significant struggle or conflict. Does this sound familiar? Well, it certainly should...

  2. Families are the secondary competitors and contain much of the same conditioning and issues mentioned under parents. Yet, at times some if not all close family members have much greater influence than the parents, sometimes righting the ineffective history, sometimes not. They pass along what they know, as does each group.

  3. Teachers are the third level of competitors and they are included here only when the don't help the individual learn to think for themselves: these include all kinds of instruction across many domains such as business, government, all professions and their influencers with such likely suspects as states, countries, institutions, associations, leaders, politians, colleagues, friends and especially other stakeholders.

(Wisdom Sidebar) Upon reflection about these competitors, you have probably noticed that it encompasses the entire world and its inhabitants in some fashion: Our Managing Partner says this is "Playing Big". When you couple our market characteristics with our competitors, the size could be reduced substantially or moderately, depending upon your perspective.

In any case, our market and our competitors are huge, which we believe provides us with great opportunities and possibilities to teach individuals. Also, coupled with our clear distinctions for these audiences, so far we haven't seen anyone address the underlying causes in the way that we do - yet.

Have you heard of Beliefs & Choices Methodology before? We think not!


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