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Eliminate Distractions

At Choice Awareness we suggest that you consider freeing up time in your life by making a few important choices for yourself.

This can occur for you, if you choose to design time spaces during your day, week, month and year.

Remember, these are all choices you make - no one but you is responsible for how you conduct your life.

That said, we recommend that you approach this particular topic with loads of humor and anticipation for goodness... 

Eliminate Distractions

In our experience, we take specific actions to eliminate distractions during our practice disciplines by following these four guidelines;

  1. We eliminate television, radio and anything associated with commercials, current culture, politics, religion and any other outside influences.

  2. We do invite unique influences of all kinds through our association with many different people of varying backgrounds, whether positive or negative, different, new, old; anything that gets movement within us and our teams.

  3. Also, we are wiling and allow ourselves to be uncomfortable, sometimes to the point of stoppage or not.  We believe that this uncomfortableness will help us perceive things differently. This may occur in item 2 above...

  4. We expect the individual and teams to operate with respect and honor and to remain present in these encounters, while allowing disagreement to occur with no harm done to anyone.

Are you seeing our approach?

How often do you permit these practices to happen in your life or your business?


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