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Discipline Practicing

At Choice Awareness we have defined a set of basic disciplines which forever keep us in practice mode.  

Over the long-haul we have found this produces excellence, especially when we stay true to your purpose.

Formalized Practice Disciplines

We encourage you to consider reserving specific times during your week to do special practice discipline activities.

By doing this, your actions have the tendency to formalize your commitment to yourself and your development: you do want this for your character development!!!

We believe once you get rolling on this pathway, your practices will become sacred to you.  

And, they will set conditions in your life to activate and energize special and exciting things showing-up for you - with frequency.

Beginning Fundamentals

We have identified our CAM Basic Starter 8 Practice Disciplines (please borrow ours and create more) for both yourself and your teams - as follows:

  1. Setting aside "CAM Think Time" where you ponder stuff, 

  2. Declaring and reserving "CAM Creative Time" where you actually design things,

  3. Writing down your ideas in "CAM Journaling Time" a distinct activity using writing instruments and paper,

  4. Listening for and to your "CAM Intuition Building" where you search for connection in meditation,

  5. Speaking out loud your ideas "CAM Thinking Out Loud" where you share with someone,

  6. Researching for intersecting domains "CAM Investigate Possibility" where you connect the dots,

  7. Reading subjects during "CAM Reading Time" where you challenge your currently held beliefs,

  8. Participating in "CAM Play Time" with fun activities that combine competing, exercise, movement and connections with others.

Again, we invite you to consider reserving time in your schedule to honor these time-tested disciplines - they will serve you well - more than you realize.

Writing as a Fundamental Discipline

We believe writing can be instrumental in your personal and professional development.

Our belief about this is so strong that we have designed many of our product and service offerings to include notes taking and question areas to allow you to write down your own answers for yourself.

By design we encourage you to write your ideas, thoughts, questions, anything that comes to mind for you - capture it by writing it down in our documents or your own journals, notebooks etc. Make a practice of going back and re-reading what you've written - add to them, enlarge or expand your ideas and especially make visual displays of your best thoughts.

We believe this practice will produce new ideas, connect dots that you didn't perceive before and energize your creativity.


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