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Talent to Watch

At Choice Awareness we look for talent in all kinds of places, especially looking for art, music, entertainers, actors, playwrights, authors, etc. - you can find talent anywhere you look - if you look closely enough. 

The best thing about this talent search is that it is usually right in front of you.

This doesn't have to an Xfactor search for the top talent, merely a closer inspection than you are used to regularly performing - we suggest observing and listening more closely than you have before.

And the talent can be in the unique characteristics of the person you are thinking about right now.

Can you imagine some talent that your family, friends or stakeholders possess and why?

Some Talents Not Thought About

We know you can do this, but we'll provide a little assistance and share a few items that might tickle your thinking to help you remember why they inspire you:

  1. A person who is connected to their heart and emotions - they share at a depth you may not be able

  2. The one who fascinates you and has you wanting to spend time with them, just to be in their presence

  3. A story teller who is able to summarize your own thinking with a few words while getting to the heart of it quickly

  4. A person you find objectionable at times because they are usually right, but they love you and you know it

  5. Someone who instills courage in you because of the way they handle challenges in their life 

  6. A person that would give their own life to save yours, without even knowing who you are

  7. A person that typically encourages you to do your best and cheers you on continuously, regardless of your success or failure 

  8. Someone who loves you unconditionally, especially when you can't seem to love yourself or anyone else

  9. A person who asks you questions and points you in directions you would have never thought about

  10. A hero that has affected and inspired you because their traits are something you want for yourself...

This is only a starting point, we know that you can expand this list as you uncover what's important for you.


We are only scratching the surface with a few of the people that we have been affected by watching, listening or reading about them. We will make use of Pinterest and at times and other sources too. The links included below are videos, but some links may be the written word or other visual displays.

For us, this is also a starting point, as we will add more data along the way. 

Talent Access Table
 Talent   Description   Source Link Access
 Joe Robinson  Guitar Player - a wonder of another kind  Pinterest 



 Luther Vandross  Singer - One of our favorite performances in his career  Pinterest 



 Wess Morgan  Pastor - I Won't Complain - one of our favorite Gospel songs   Pinterest



 Sarah Kay  Spoken-word poet - If I should have a daughter…



 Barry Schwartz  Psychologist - Our loss of wisdom…



 Sasha Strauss  Professor - "Think Branding" ideas passed along to Google as a conference keynote speaker



 Rodrick Dixon  A Song for You



 Walter Rodriques, Jr.  The Savior is Waiting



 Ben Dunlap  The Life Long Learner



 Andrea Faustini  Andrea Faustini and Giuliana Danze sing Eye of the Sparrow




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