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At Choice Awareness we watch films for various reasons some of which include perspective, learning, wisdom and plain old fun.

We are discerning about what we care to watch. 

And, we watch a lot of films, delve into the essence of what’s being portrayed and the attempt to make sense of it for us and you.

We have a set of colleagues who participate with us in describing their ideas about what the film meant to them.

Our objective is to give you another set of perspectives for the sole purpose of bringing awareness and understanding.

We want new and old ideas to show-up for you. We look for character, morality, good and evil, human nature, etc,

It is not our intent to become film critics: we'll leave that to the experts - we have nothing to gain from the sharing of our ideas, except passing along another perspective that might have you gaining something that you needed.

Yet, we do have something to add which we believe is worth you're reviewing - we will describe what we think are the basic beliefs exposed in the film and how they play out in the outcomes...

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We are only scratching the surface with a few of the films that we have been affected by watching: we watched literally thousands over the years. 

For us, this is also a starting point, as we will add more data along the way. 

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Film Title  

Some Ideas About It  
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The Browning Version We actually watched this movie a few times because so much was occurring: starkly highlighting good vs evil. How one can say so little? Under the circumstances, most would unleash a novel. This was helpful in teaching us to use our ears and mouth in the intended ratio. Duty and honor came present for us in ways that we might not have imaged possible.


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