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At Choice Awareness we make reading a daily discipline and are better off for this practice because we tend to expand our universe by doing so.

In our universe, reading is fundamental to learning, awareness and understanding.

It can affect us in many ways - most of which is growing our perspectives about the things in our world - giving meaning and uncovering things we didn't realize, or could even have thought about on our own.

We find the best way to understand who someone is really all about is to read something they have written (fiction, novels or autobiographies): especially when it is not ghost written: this could be books, blogs, opinion pieces, comments, etc. You name it because when it ends up in print or electronic form, we can decipher the meaning for us and learn more about what it meant for them.

The language the authors choose, clearly defines what they believe about their world: their perspectives can help us or not -  and show us how good and evil operate in we human beings. Yes? No? Maybe?

Well, of course it does.

So we encourage you to read - turn off the TV set, put your smart device away for a while (see other distractions) and have real live conversations with people too (more about this in our up-coming blogs).

Our Book Categories

We want you to review the categories in our table below (we classified these in our An American Guide To Success (AGTS)) and present them for you as examples of what's possible.

Are our categories traditional classifications? Yes, some are and others aren't and that is the beauty of it: being able to define things in the way you want them to be. 

(Wisdom Sidebar) This strikes at the heart of defining your own beliefs and choices architecture because you can select what is important to you. While our categories may or may not be traditional, we did this purposefully to stir our own beliefs pot. You'll find over time that the stirring of things helps give you new perspectives and ideas which may free the creative juices and bring more things present for you.

If someone pushes back on your ideas, tell them you appreciate their input and thanks for giving you their slant on it. You need say no more. BTW their ideas are theirs and not yours. We sometimes have to expect to remain uncomfortable at times, especially when people push at us with their conditioning, ideas and concepts. But, this teaches us to become stronger and loving in ways so that we handle these opportunities. That's what they are in the scheme of things - opportunity and possibility.

Category Table
Category AGTS Category Title
1 Animals, Architecture and Other Noteworthy Things
2 Biography
3 Business: Management & Leadership
4 Fiction
5 Finance & Investing
6 Marketing Sales & Related Topics
7 Medicine , Ethics & Values
8 Novels - Recent
9 Politics & Influencing
10 Religion, Spirituality & History
11 Science & Philosophy
12 Success & Psychology
13 Technology & Quality

Where are we Headed?

This "Books to Read" page may become a staging area for new books to be included in our AGTS e-Book or other places, but with a different slant.

That slant will be targeted to selecting a belief that came present for the reviewer, how they were touched by their understanding of it and what manifested faith they experienced from it all. This truly departs from our own standard of evaluating books as we have done in our AGTS and we are encouraging and looking for reviewers to help in our new process of this.

One important point about this perspective is that we will require you to implement one of the books' ideas or concepts by turning them into a belief, choices, actions and results which you apply in your own life. This is not a simple read it, intellectualize it and then write what this may mean to you from the head experience.

We want you to get the head and heart experience: this very notion is different - Yes? No? Maybe?

We are Looking for Reviewers

We are currently searching for reviewers that span the age classes from teenagers to seniors, with no clear end-limit in mind.

If you are so inclined to join and wish to participate with us, look closely at our definition of an Aspirant and the qualities we have defined to set an expectation for you pursuing this further.

If you believe that working with us is something you are committed to doing, we respectfully ask that you reserve a period of six months to work with us before you move on to something else or decide to continue with us.

We believe that you will gain a great deal from the experience of this activity.

We have yet to define the details about how to compensate you other than to be included in our contributors page. But, we can probably create a process that would work for you. Please us our Contact Us link below and tell us of your interest in this new adventure - we will call you by telephone to discuss how to move forward.

Key Considerations For You

The characteristics we look for most are fundamental with the capable to be open, willing, teachable and possess a strong desire to pass along what you will or have gained to others.

Books to Read table

Watch for an announcement of our books table inside our Important Announcements

This section is under development for the second quarter 2014...


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BEST REGARDS and Thanks for considering us.

If you find anything particularly compelling or insightful, or you are left with a sense of high energy, please feel free to send us your impressions and any comments you wish to make about these statements. We look forward to getting your feedback, and please Contact Us with what you experienced from our services and products.