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Sources of Wonderment

At Choice Awareness we strive to remain in wonder as if we are seeing things for the first time.

This is a healthy place to remain and it requires you to think and act differently than you normally do.

We argue that if you create and implement a few fundamental beliefs, you can consistently stay in this frame-of-reference.

You might righty ask "How?

A few things for you to consider...

Change Your Center of Attention

We live in a world inside America which typically promotes all kind of ideas and concepts: this is goodness from our perspective because plentifulness, availability, accessibility, etc  are happy and nice conditions. We look on the very bright side of things most of the time.

To continue with the idea of goodness and especially, we do however occasionally wander from this positive point of view and move toward self-centeredness and materialism. We ask you to consider and appreciate better the value of marketing in our world and what this can mean to you. This is an opportunity for you to begin to become aware of various manufacturers and sellers of products and services - most of us know of thousands.

They attempt to find your wants and address them - hence the land of opportunity and possibility: great ideas are hatched here and some of it is made here too. Innovation is wonderful...

The key in marketing is creating artificial needs because you already possess most of the things on your needs list - especially Maslow's Need Hierarchy. BTW poverty has existed since the beginning and will remain regardless of what the politicians say.

Yet to continue with this wonderful idea of marketing, it also involves connecting to your emotions and urging you to purchase something now before it expires or there are none left, becomes obsolete, rises in price, matches or exceeds what the next door neighbors has, compels you to not live without it, and probably at least 40 to 50 more things - you make your own list.

So this spin is here to have your realize we are not talking about products or services - even though our world is inundated with the selling of such.

We don't believe that real wonder exists necessarily in products and services, although we know it to be present in some - we mean for you to raise to a higher level in your thinking and re-focus...

We suggest that you can temporarily drop your wants for a few moments...

Focus upon Ideas

There is something to be said about what an idea can deliver you.

Look backwards 100 years and think about all the innovation that has occurred. It's tremendous and one of the reasons why we love this current time so much. All those innovations are all based upon ideas from the initial thought of it, to its implementation.

Now you get it - right?

BTW all of your opinions, preferences, stories, thinking, connections, etc are all based upon ideas and your BELIEFS about them.

Yes, we are talking about reality and how ideas and beliefs affect us in ways greater than our worldly possessions - which is the long run are pretty meaningless.

(Wisdom Sidebar) For those of you baby-boomers which have had the experiences of emptying your parents household of their life's' possessions after their passing, you'll understand to what we refer. Our family members spent days going through these things, most of which we discarded or donated. Very little of the entire population, aside from pictures and their important sentimental artifacts, had value for us, and probably to anyone else for that matter. We think this is sad commentary on the end-of-the-possession-stream. We are already beginning to write about the humorous side of what came up during these situations - some pretty funny stuff.

That said, we promote ideas here and any activities that will get us into thinking of ideas and participating in any form of creativity - because ideas are the sources for us all.

Engaging You at Various Levels

We are promoting books, films and talented people who may become a great source of ideas for you - we invite you to read on.


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