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Fact or Fiction?

At Choice Awareness we focus our attention on having your create workable beliefs that result in you getting what you aspire.

Because we have provided you an expansive background of truth ideas (if you explored them) and what others think of truth, our most important point to you that we wish you to truly receive from us is this: 

what you think about your truth is what really should matter to you and how those truths relate to your own belief systems.

Of course, we wish you to be grounded in reason and character based-choosing, which others can provide founded and time-based experiences for you to choose from, but our objective is for you to link your belief to the faith you create and hence have this define your truth of it for you.

Simple - Yes and no...

It's a Journey and Destination

This journey will require you to employ personal disciplines and practices to come to your own truths. The destination is your On-Purpose life, while the journey are all the steps you take toward it.

Is It Fact or Fiction?

The what and why of your On-Purpose life is completely and utterly of your own making. Those plus the "How of it" will exist in your creations of your own Beliefs and Choices Architecture: it can be as large as the universe or as small as New York City, New York or Paris, France. It can have serious aspects, financial, play and anything you want.

Is it for you to determine what you want and how to go after it: also the manner in which you go after it will be important. 

While some may consider this a game of life and why not - especially if you are a game player and like the sense of the play - go for it.

Your own distinctions of what you believe is your guiding compass when you are pursuing the things that make you happy, bring fulfillment and joy.

Our point is that your truth can be fact and it maybe someone else's fiction.

You decide for yourself... 


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