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At Choice Awareness we explore different perspectives by consistently researching and discovering new/old ideas and concepts at a high-level, then digging deeply into the topic or subject to understand and reason what it means to us and you.

We share our writings about these here on our website (the Good Ideas Tab and related menus are excellent examples): our web pages are literally ripe with these discoveries too.

In addition, we report what comes up for us during the discovery and implementation processes on our blog sites, where we incorporate our findings and usually couple our findings with various kinds of evidence (experiential, personal, anecdotal and empirical): we point to all kinds of supporting data for those who wish to learn more. And too as a matter of course, discipline and practice, we place the learnings inside of our services and products.

Intention to Gain Awareness

Our purposeful intentions through these endeavors is to bring you these ways of looking at things, so that you can gain awareness and insights to apply our unique and specialized learnings into your own life. 

We test the ideas, exercise and experience them in all their richness, then determine how to best implement them in our own lives. The experiences and reviews of what worked and didn’t allows us great latitude in fine-tuning beliefs, choices, actions and outcomes.


This hearty experimentation process is not always an easy task of being or remaining open, since we all have beliefs in place within us that normally prevent acceptance of anything that doesn’t already exist.  Yes? No? Maybe?

(Wisdom Sidebar) We have created a set of beliefs which allow us to be accepting and from experience we know it requires vigilant rigor and practice. However, we constantly fight the skeptical side of us, which we know activates and aggressively provides arguments for prevention of change. 

Overtime, we have found this skepticism is nothing more than the “Meaning Making Portion” of our mind/brain which constantly executes an automatic diversion upon new ideas. We heard someone say recently "The right side of my brain makes stuff up and the left side believes it" - perhaps this is the way of it for him :-))

We believe the meaning making stuff is pretty easy to overcome, once you recognize the characteristics of it. We will teach you how to do this in our up-coming videos.

So one may be wanting to ask, what does this have to do with Truth and Beliefs - actually everything.

Truth As a Fluid Idea

Many people would claim that truth exists across many places and within different disciplines such as law, medicine, science, religion, etc.

We suggest in our culture today that truth can be very fluid...pick national politics as a first-stop salient example. We suggest inspecting what you hear to what you know - do the words coming out of politicians mouths track to reality - hardly...

Some place fact as equivalent to truth. We too would place reality high on the list, along with integrity and verifiability - yet all things all not necessarily verifiable

(Wisdom Sidebar) Religious faith is an example of the belief in the unseen, unknowable and outside of our experience or abilities to comprehend. However that doesn’t make it less truthful, perhaps less useful to some and arguable as not provable -  but don’t let the science fans overwhelm you - there happens to be art to that field too.

However, haven’t we heard, seen and experienced the ideas of some as truth, when in fact it wasn’t. Some classic examples are the earth is flat, gravity isn’t real, and the earth is the center of the universe, etc. Those who postulated their ideas where consider heretics and some where put to death. Nobody is being put to death here - just dumb and meaningless ideas.

But before we get into some depth about truth, turn on your television set to listen to a few unusual ideas to confirm that error prone and faulty ideas tend to prevail, especially when offered by someone held in personality esteem - we suggest you pick your list of this week’s notables or the celebrity crowd and you’ll quickly agree. You will likely hear that up is the new down, or down is the new up. And you will definitely hear about the new normal - what’s that anyway?

Serious Ideas on Truth

We will posit three separate and distinct positions:

  1. Truths exists in the Bible as the word of God; or

  2. It is contextual to one’s level of awareness and understanding but more importantly for us,

  3. Truth is always measurable.

We believe firmly that you could accept either argument and we have heard both stands presented very well. We leave the choices to you…and as we have said we are not touching religion because these are private beliefs best kept to oneself.

But, we will tackle the second idea...

Tendency Toward Consciousness

We have studied David R. Hawkins work and specifically his ideas about the map of consciousness. Dr. Hawkins spent a lifetime researching and writing about his ideas and his findings are supposedly substantiated with empirical data of applied kinesiology studies supporting the work: we find some of his ideas helpful. Yet, his critics contend his writings use circular reasoning, are self-referencing and there is no scientific evidence yet that applied kinesiology produces reproducible or valid results. Having said that, we like the concept of truth being contextual to one's consciousness but given that the map of consciousness cannot be proven, we exchange the word consciousness with awareness and understanding, which makes more reasoned sense to us.

The wikipedia truth explanation that we referenced on our introductory page covers a load of substantive and other theories about truth: 1) correspondence; 2) coherence; 3) constructivist; 4) consensus; and 5) pragmatic - to name a few. We further reiterate that school is never out of such postulating because science will find more answers and posit concepts which will become richer and more expansive.

(Note) Like 44% of the faulty and graduate students of philosophy polled inside the particular wikipedia explanation, we probably tend to lean toward the correspondence theory ourselves.

But, we offer an answer that doesn't require you to gain a PhD in anything to grasp it and is based in you finding truth in yourself and your beliefs such that manifested faith is created over time and with practice.

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