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No Mastery Required

At Choice Awareness we want you to begin to tell others about your experiences that you learned with us - in this way you give away what came to you.

The saying "You must give it away to keep it" applies here.

In addition, by telling your stories of what happened, you solidify you awareness and understanding of it for you: you naturally begin to realize what worked and what didn't.

This will allow the needed inspection of your belief and what faith has been gained from your experience of it.

No Requirement for Mastery

Most people naturally become hesitant to share something when they believe you must possess some degree of mastery before doing so: you are not flying an airplane or performing in front of an audience in doing this activity.

We invite to begin sharing what you are experiencing right away - start this activity immediately upon executing your choices and actions and describe the results you attained with one of your trusted relationships: try this on with your accountability partner

This is all about communicating with others: it is about lifting your language and behaviors which is promoted by you speaking right now.

This is about personal disciplines and practicing...

Teaching is about asking insightful and effective questions, then sharing your experience about what occurred for you.

Here are a few declarations and questions which might help kick-start your sharing:

  1. "I would really love your feedback on what I am about to share with you and I request that you really think over what you are hearing and provide your best insights after I have told you some things", "I will ask you "What do you think?" when I am ready for your feedback".

  2. "Please help me look for the integrity in my thinking and the related actions I've taken and tell me if you believe there is rightness present?"

  3. "Have you experienced any of these things I'm sharing with you and what occurred for you?".

  4. "Do you think that I have missed anything that would be helpful to learn given these circumstances?".

  5. "What can I do which might help me better understand what is happening here?".

  6. "Given your own experiences, does anything come up for you that would be helpful for me to hear now?".

We know that you can expand this list with your own ideas and questions - all for the purpose of your education and deep personal awareness.

Moreover, these practices are also about choosing, listening and committing (e.g. promising) - see our CAM OPA Model for an explanation about the value of these seasoned suggestions.

Does this make sense for you?

We believe this will be helpful and we encourage you to speak up - beginning right now.


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