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At Choice Awareness we offer suggestions we believe will be beneficial to you and at the same time we will also provide some cautionary ideas to support your on-going development.

In our experiences, we have learned a degree of caution is advisable at times.

We remember a great comedian and humorist in Jonathan Winters who would end a comedy session by saying "When you leave here tonight go as fast as you can on the way home!". He was teasing - we think - Yes?

Being bold is an amazing way to live you life and we'll take that as a conclusion from Jonathan.

Yet, there are times when realizing caution is a good first step in some activites. Jumping out of airplane with no parachute would likely have dire consequences - even if desirable for the person doing it: we would suggest thinking that one over a bit.

When we think of caution for you, it is usually along the lines of stopping to ponder things before proceeding, especially when your emotions are running on steroids - zapping your sound judgment and reducing your common sense energy flow.

Cautionary Mention

This concept of "Passing It Along" has at times been coupled with the somewhat overused and fruitless endeavor of today's concept of "Giving Back" used by politicians, media, etc.  - we see this giving back as a dumbing down exercise of useless language mostly coupled with little effort and self-centeredness.

Unfortunately you can find many examples in our country today - just browse the internet, explore some stories and you'll see what we mean.

We prefer the Good Samaritan behavior of giving back which requires sacrifice, effort, tangible delivery of services or goods coupled with love and compassion where real benefits are delivered to the parties receiving your gifts: hopefully like you receive from us.

But for us, Passing it Along it about teaching, helping someone because it is the right thing to do.

This requires awareness, understanding, love, compassion, historical context and a desire to see people grow in healthy ways...The Good Samaritan way!!!


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