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Guiding Principles

At Choice Awareness we have established three guiding principles when you being to approach and consider some new or old ideas. 

We offer our ideas in the spirit of sharing workable and effective principles (beliefs) we know can produce real results for you - if you let them.

Before leaving this page too quickly, we invite you to explore our definitions because they offer tangible clarity to concepts in which you are already familiar - you will find them helpful.

Keep in mind the following three principles as you proceed: 

  1. Be Open 

  2. Be Willing

  3. Expect Positive Things to Show-Up 

While each of these principles may be self-explanatory for some of you, it may not be for others, so please read our perspective and meanings to gain more understanding as we intend it for you.

Be Open

By our way of operating, we mean for you to be and continue to be approachable for something new or old: you may not have heard it for a while or it is completely new. Set your skepticism aside for the moments you are with us, listen closely to what you will be hearing and experiencing. 

Consider this powerful quote before you begin:

“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance – that principle is contempt prior to investigation”.

William Paley

Be Willing

We mean for you to be consenting and disposed to being ready for something. Volunteer yourself to this. In our case(s) and experience(s), much can occur and show up when people strive to maintain this state. Without it, very little can or will arrive. In seeking possibility, this could and will become a belief for you.

Expect Positive Things to Show Up

It is likely that you have conditioned yourself with expectations about training and education, such that you already have pre-conceived notions about any education. We ask you to drop all those, whether favorable or unfavorable.  

In our experience, coupling this concept with being open and willing has the tendency to free yourself and make you available. Strive to keep yourself present, rid yourself of any past or future distractions, and remain focused upon what is in front of you. 

As an added bonus, we also suggest reading the next paragraph.

Hold Judgment

Do not be judgmental about anything you perceive here because this action compares what you are reading, hearing or seeing to your existing beliefs: some of which may be false, inhibiting, limiting and/or useless. As a simple analogy, in general aviation, this means be present in the cockpit and fly the aircraft. 

(Wisdom Sidebar) Take note to evaluate what you perceive in detail later and mark their usefulness within the context of designing and/or redesigning your purpose or beliefs with what works and what doesn’t for you. You can only know and realize this as you design, develop, implement and measure your effectiveness. Failure is only feedback when something isn’t yet working, e.g. which you would have measured and scored below 8.0 on the CAM Awareness Scale. Feedback is information used only to improve, reject, redesign or modify until you gain the results you want.


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