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At Choice Awareness we believe in having rock solid or foundational princples in place which honor us as contributory human beings: moral principles keep societies and people functioning together.

Fundamental Moral Principles

We could operate many times from "Form" rather than "Content", such as personalities, status, position or birth-right, and in the scheme-of-things and the long-run of our lives, "form" really doesn't serve anyone very well - least of all us!!! 

We suggest you work from the content-side of this argument purposefully to begin to define "Content-Based" principles by inspecting and considering what we offer for you here.

You will find them to be positive and likely register higher than 200 on Dr. David R. Hawkins helpful Map of Consciousness.

We Get Stuck In Our Stuff

If you are like most people, where we don't typically put ourselves into an inquiry of great depth or substance and with any frequency, or define the important things that matter to us. This will start the process for you...

You will find the ideas here may trigger all kinds of things for you - this is exactly what you want to have happen. Learn More...


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