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Aspirant Qualities

At Choice Awareness Management, we have designed what we consider the top qualities usually present in an Aspirant: as depicted in the image close by.

For some weighty background development criteria for an Aspirant, please see the intimate intentions story behind the creation of the Creed and what it means and meant to our founder.

You may rightly ask "Why is any of this important to me?".

Good Question.

Here are three reasons why this is worthy of your exploration with your valuable time and effort:

  1. Defining the characteristics of aspiring, helps people establish a road-map to gauge where they are along that journey and/or continuum,

  2. Some people thrive with guidelines are defined, even if it only helps setup a starting point,

  3. Identifies what basic elements are normally present with those people that possess the qualities.

Over time, we have helped define some of the basic qualities that are apparent to us and indeed help make the Aspirant what they are.

In fact, the definitions herein are intended to create a vision for what one can aspire to become with an outcome of helping others and giving back to the world: non-self indulgent.

(Wisdom Sidebar) As a counter argument for self-centeredness, with humorous notions about the Boomer Generation, we invite you to please read P.J. O'Rouke's recent article in the WSJ published 12/1/2013. You may see yourself there or not...


Along with defining the qualities, we also have ranked them with an order of precedence and our basic CAM Awareness Scale scoring as to the minimum rating which should be present for each quality.



Aspirant Basic Qualities
Quality Description Rank Order CAM Reqd Rating
Cognitive Awareness where an individual has the capacity for discernment, reasoning and rational thought and able to classify, identify and understand things within the context of different domains of study: medicine, science, history, etc. 1 10
Intelligent with an ability to understand things within the context of their own capabilities and consciousness levels. 2 8
Inquisitive where they are able to inquire, realize and apply knowledge and learning to their and others benefit. 3 9
Capacity to remain with a beginners mind perspective to new or old ideas without judgments, even within the context of their unique on-purpose beliefs, values and traditions, etc. 4 9
Possess and strive for Integrity in all things, consistently looking to do the next right thing: an intuitive awareness of the rightness of choices and actions. This sense is borne out by experiences... 5 10
Positive Attitude usually looking for alternative ways to apply skills, learning and experience to gain competence in broad subjects. Be a guide and encourage others to follow a similar pathway. 6 10
Open and willing to engage in discussion and research with regard to investigation of opposing or contrarian views seeking to gain appreciation and perspectives of others: widening their points of view. Willing to be uncomfortable but not get stopped by the discomfort. 7 8
Accepting of anything that comes their way, leaving judgment aside and seeking to gain insights. This includes a striving to gain awareness and understanding as the overriding hope of acceptance: the pearl in the clam... 8 9
Ambitious with a purpose of learning, seeking comprehension with a bent toward helping others and giving back for educational purposes; whether righting wrongs or teaching to the betterment goal of raising the waters of all people. 9 10
Educated with a fundamental and varied appreciation for liberal arts with a comprehensive and broad studies across history, literature, poetry, science, philosophy, languages, religions, politics, miliary, business, technology, psychology, etc. 10 9


These qualities are guidelines for you to consider in assisting with a classification of an Aspirant.

Depending upon you and your organization, these may simply be a starting point, with you and your team working together to make your own definitions/beliefs about what constitutes an Aspirant.


Remember, these qualities are to be aspired to within your organization and/or team.

Whatever you and your team define, please create a visual display and make it prominent inside your organization so that people can see it daily, point to it and use it as an educational device.

This will enable all the qualities to come present in the language usage and behaviors.

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