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At Choice Awareness we share the intimate details of our experiences with the hope that you might gain some special insight or awareness.

We created an affirmation in the form of a prayer to inspire us on a daily basis.

We all have influences which affect us in many ways: some in positive, neutral or negative ways.

We wanted to begin our day with positive energy which would touch and move us: we spent time figuring out what might impact us in special ways and created the Aspirant's Creed. 

Embodied in the creed is relationships and interconnectedness from experiential aspects of the founder's early and later life: it's a personal story which may be helpful for you and others.

We decide to share our development ideas on this page.

He writes in his introduction about some of the basic influences spanning such topics as:

  1. Athletics,
  2. Religion,
  3. Art,
  4. Music,
  5. Comedy,
  6. and what freedom looks like in both early and later years...

In addition to these historical contexts, he provides a look into what it means and has meant to him over the past few years: value delivered and received.

As has been his practices since 2000, he originally recorded his Aspirant's ideas in 2006 in personal and business journals: he is only now beginning to extract the data for book form.

We expect that this will be completed sometime in 2014.

Learn About the INSPIRATION

The current release of this 16+ page e-Booklet 10-25-110 gives a historical perspective, the foundational influences and begins to describe the reasons behind developing the Aspirant's Creed. Our cover page is shown close by and we currently offer our e-Booklet for your enjoyment as a free download.



















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Aspirant's Inspiration

We are providing the current development release of our e-Book which describes the reasoning behind the creation of the Aspirant's Creed. It is being offered as a free download while it is being written...

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The Aspirant's Creed - Intimate Intentions:
A draft with only chapter 1...more to come




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