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Introducing the Creed

The CAM Aspirant’s Creed is meant to inspire and support the "Aspirant" on a daily basis.

It is provided to be used in a number of ways, whether with one’s spiritual or prayer life, or a new way to try on something different as a personal discipline.

It supports the individual in three main ways:

  1. By promoting your private intention and purpose,
  2. Confirming your faith, religious based or not,
  3. Strengthening your belief in something higher than yourself.

It is purposed to be used as a universal affirmation rather than in support of a specific religious tradition: although it may support traditions too. 

What is a Creed?

A creed is a statement or confession of belief, usually a religious belief or faith. The word derives from the Latin credo for “I believe”. Creeds have been part of antiquity with common references to churches as noted in the example of the Apostles’ Creed.

Historical Perspective

Creeds have a unique purpose because it sets forth guidelines for the believers - take a look at our definition of belief and faith. It is grounded in faith. It is appropriate to include a definition of faith (F1) at this point to provide background and understanding for our intention of the CAM Aspirant Creed.

All the meanings of faith have applicability to our purpose for establishing a credo, regardless of whether one believes in God, or religious doctrine. From our perspective it does matter about God.

However, our interest for each individual are the equally important definitions which we believe have absolute applicability here and include:

  • Having one become sincere, 

  • Fidelity to one’s promise,

  • A firm belief in something for which there is no proof,

  • Complete trust; and finally,

  • Something that is believed especially with strong conviction.

We invite you to ponder deeply the significance of each definition.

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(F1) Copyright Notice for Merriam-Webster.