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Playing Outside

At Choice Awareness we have worked with outsiders frequently and have noticed some characteristics about them that you may find helpful.


Outsiders are people engaged to help with the business: typically to bring specialized expertise that doesn't exist inside your business.

Here are some highlights which we believe outsiders can offer your business:

  1. Ideas, concepts and practices to improve effectiveness in your business with a deep knowledge for the what, why and how to engage people,

  2. Experiences, abilities, and capacity when shared, will affect purpose, people, participation and business processes, 

  3. No attachment to anyone inside your business or your current circle and does not play in your sphere of influence which will allow objectivity,

  4. Unconnected and unattached with activities occurring inside and/or outside your business, allowing pristine observations

  5. more....

There are probably more items to define outsiders - we know that you will think of many more - please do as a good exercise.

Outsiders have some helpful advantages to people on the inside - they can see things that others cannot. The outsider also brings new and fresh perspectives as possibility to the organization. The outsider should be teamed with the insiders and work collectively with a specific purpose and goal in mind. The starting point of such activities usually only work well, when combined with a process that engages everyone.

Things to Consider

We suggest only engaging outsiders who know how to integrate with the beliefs, choices and actions system currently in-place. Those efforts need to be combined with an effective process (e.g. just mentioned) which would engage everyone needed to participate in the change.

(Wisdom Sidebar) We suggest attempting no change in isolation (e.g. dictating and commanding how something will be is absolutely the worst approach and will produce widespread revolt/resentment).  The in-place belief systems, which encompass the current beliefs, choices and actions occurring will need to be inspected, unwrapped and made clear before any real change can be implemented in the business/group/team.

There are more items to define insiders - we know that you will think of many more.

Ideas and Answers Waiting to Participate

Your inside team knows more than the outsiders regarding current challenges and issues because of their experiences as insiders. So engage these insider sources iand connect them with the outsiders. 

more to come here....

In summary, we help teach you how to take advantage of both outsiders and insiders, to also help you combine your processes, accept the beliefs system, and move forward. If you actually defined more effective beliefs for the outsiders and insiders, these new/revised definitions will become part of your systemic beliefs in you and your company: these combined/refined beliefs will benefit everyone.

Questions To Ponder

When you think about your company and what exists inside of it today, how much more effective could you be? By understanding the something(s) about you and your current state(s) and condition(s), what does that say about your beliefs systems and how telling is this for you and your team?

Becoming aware and understanding the power of systemic beliefs hold many secrets to your success.


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