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Playing Inside

At Choice Awareness we work with insiders frequently and have noticed some characteristics about them which you may find helpful.


Insiders are those people currently working and participating in and with the business. 

We believe the insiders offer the following:

  1. Detailed understanding of how things actually work for both the formal and informal systems,

  2. Attachment to how things are working and the associated connections and relationships being used,

  3. Experiences, abilities, ideas and a knowing of how things could work better,

  4. Attached and unattached to the occurrences happening within and to your business,

  5. Reluctance and willingness to implement change - current belief systems may/may not support such efforts,

  6. more....

There are more items to define insiders - we know that you will think of many more.

Ideas and Answers Waiting to Participate

Your inside team knows more than the outsiders regarding current challenges and issues because of their experiences as insiders. Unfortunately, this insider source is little tapped and used effectively. 

Some of the company's owners/management beliefs systems hold the outsider has the greater experience, abilities, process, etc. This may or may not be true. If the belief system holds that is it true, the insiders could be neglected, discounted, left-out and isolated. This inside experience can be successfully tapped, brought forward and integrated effectively. What was once an ineffective team, can be turned into high participation and contribution: that possibility exists if the belief systems says it is true.

In summary, we help teach you how to take advantage of both outsiders and insiders, to also help you combine your processes, accept the beliefs system, and move forward. If you actually defined more effective beliefs for the outsiders and insiders, these new/revised definitions will become part of your systemic beliefs in you and your company: these combined/refined beliefs will benefit everyone.

Questions To Ponder

When you think about your company and what exists inside of it today, how much more effective could you be? By understanding the something(s) about you and your current state(s) and condition(s), what does that say about your beliefs systems and how telling is this for you and your team?

Becoming aware and understanding the power of systemic beliefs hold many secrets to your success.


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