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At Choice Awareness we present ideas and concepts which challenge your current belief systems - to gain awareness of other possibilities.

We believe being challenged possesses goodness and offers us insight and understanding.

When we are challenged, we have all kinds of alternatives become available to us: we can learn, we can excel, we can freeze, we can delight, etc.

We know that you can name at least fifty more results than we have presented here - we invite you to enlarge this list right an experiment for thinking-on-your-feet - please stand up  :-))

We think of being challenged as a competition, which for us, gets us motivated by raising our energy levels and allowing us to be more alert and connected to our beliefs.

(Wisdom Side) We think the term habit carries a neutral, but mostly negative connotation because many times habit is not associated with an on-purpose belief, but merely a tactic done over again until it becomes rote: many times totally unconnected to purpose.

From a negative connotation, we perceive habits as bad, hence "Bad Habits" and believe that building upon these only lead to more of them - see the photo close by depicting the growth of habits. Also, please notice the trough or well the habit path comes from...we believe there are inherent qualities associated with the word habit and it too has the mental capability of recycling people back into the well.

New Language Opportunity

This is not always true because we have seen habit sometimes aligned with belief: yet, from our experiences and that of others, we know that it takes a concentrated and committed effort to implement and practice consistently under the banner of habit - this becomes too much work effort. For those science fans, we have seen the health care industry publish massive data (research studies, etc.) on the difficulty in overcoming bad habits. We perceive it as exercises in futility.

Whether good or bad, we prefer to use the words effective or not effective - we encourage the removal of the word "habit" from our language, since we wish to promote the more favorable words  methods or practices - this language works better in grasping the essentials about an overall effective intention, belief, choice, action or result/faith. This language replacement has the positive and inherent capacity to keep people above ground...

To help you make change stick in your life requires working beliefs and faith combined with a process...understand more about it.


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