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At Choice Awareness we tend to ask lots of questions for the purpose of allowing awareness to come present for you.

There is a tough question to answer at times and it has been posed by our Socractic mentor and colleague named Sorin who consistently asks "So What?".

It seems that we have been asked this hundreds of time - yet it does become easier with practice and thinking-on-your-feet.

We can all do this TOYF - Yes?

We believe that the capability exist inside all of us: please at this point don't connect any concern with answering questions to Public Speaking...they are not the same!

Questioning Your Beliefs about Change

This is a thorny and difficult question to answer - but not for us!

Where might the answers be?

The "Experts" will tell you that something needs to become a habit before it will work in your life.

Some, even go so far by telling you that it can be accomplished in:

  1. Three days, or

  2. Twenty-One days, or

  3. Ten thousand hours...or

  4. Choose any number you want,

Because it really doesn't matter about someone else's experience with it.

What matters is your own experience of it for yourself.

We disagree with these "Experts" for good reason

Do you want to hear what that reason is?

The answer exists in your....Learn about it.


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