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Moral Compass

At Choice Awareness we help you become aware and lead you to making moral choices which are character-based choices.


You may ask why this would be important for you to be aware of morality?

The truth of morality is that understanding the difference between right and wrong can serve you and others well. Whether in business or our personal lives: a moral compass will provide direction with new and rich meaning for you.

We have reasoned and helped define character-based beliefs over time, while spending time working out all kinds of ideas and supporting evidence to the extent that we truly believe a moral compass will make a difference for you.

Yes? No? Maybe?

If you have experience with a moral compass, you can probably bypass this section. Yet, we strongly suggest you read on because you may learn a new perspective about morality.

(Wisdom Sidebar) By the way, when we speak of morality, we are suggesting the context be a Jedeo-Christian-based understanding, similar to the founding ideas in the Ten Commandments, as a starting point. This is not intended to be a religious exercise, not are we desiring to present current world controversial topics such as same-sex marriage, when life begins or who manages one's death the individual or the state, or any other politically charged subject.

The overall intent is to define basic beliefs that when combined will represent a moral compass for one making everyday selections about what's right and what's wrong in choosing for yourself. Unfortunately, this context of morality is generally routed in one's past beliefs, one's conditioning and are most often very deeply personal. So this may be a tough subject to comprehend and get over some of your past selections. This should be helpful and not harmful to you.

Ideas to Consider

A couple of hints would be helpful in your understanding at this point.  The meaning that we give to morality is intended to be helpful in shaping one's character. Some basic ideas present in the Jedo-Christian beliefs are that life is sacred (e.g. one shall not murder), stealing is forbidden, treating oneself as you treat others, loving your neighbor as one loves themselves, etc are all favorable beliefs that are helpful in driving our selections. The main twist to our thinking though, is that all beliefs have an expected outcome. For example, not killing someone values life, not stealing values others. Look at the the basic tenet of the Hippocractic Oath is do no harm, which is now more universal than ever.

More wil be revealed as you ponder these and other topics we present here on our website...


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