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At Choice Awareness we make distinctions among various standard definitions, such as decision vs. choice.
You may ask why this would be important for us?

We say that experiences are important to both decisions and choices because the real truth of our experiences is that we make them the stories of our lives and they are ripe with meaning for us.

We have reasoned them over time, filled them with all kinds of ideas and supporting evidence to the extent that we truly believe this is who we are.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Well, of course it does or it should by now.

(Wisdom Sidebar) By the way, we would have you look at only one or two old experiences to dissect them for the purpose of realizing how we fill our experiences with meaning. We intend for you to concentrate your effort on building your own new Beliefs and Choices Architecture (BCA) and spending your time becoming aware of what they deliver you now. You will come to know that truth exists in what you are learning by way of your participation in the things you have created right now for yourself - being present in these moments and not older past experiences which focres rote decisions.

Inspection Point

A couple of hints would be helpful in your understanding at this point.  The meaning that we give to these past experiences is not really what occurred - usually not even close.

When you begin to use our Beliefs and Choices Methodology (BCM), you get to make clear definitions of the things you really want to occur in your life: they manifest in your definitions of your beliefs, choices, actions and results by your clear articulation of them.

You get to understand with high clarity and awareness what happens during the experiences of these beliefs and behaviors: you can monitor and manage what works and what doesn't.

Because of your close inspection and active participation of your own Beliefs and Choices Architecture (BCA), you live in the moments of your experiences and the reality of meaning you give is ripe with truth and freshness.

Doesn't that sound like a better answer?
Yes? No? Maybe? 

Distinction of Decision

We say that decisions are based upon your past experiences but that there is no tie or connection to choices: our BCA helps you give full and complete definition to your beliefs, the belief outcome(s) and the paired choices and actions to be taken to produce the belief outcome: see one of our recent blogs to understand how the BCA works - especially looking at the BCA illustration.

We suggest you can look at a decision as a rote selection because it is based almost solely upon the past experience and what was produced from the selection. It repeats itself without any true or deep meaning, other than what occurred when decided upon. You can see how this operates by inspecting some decisions you typically make on a daily basis. For instance, you normally become upset about an incident that occurred in your relationship with your father or mother and it triggers anger and fear because that incident produced those emotions. There is no real belief attached to the the decision to think about this or discuss it now, but the feelings remain only because the topic triggers the remembrance. This is a classic example of how decisions operate, from the past and rote.

While it may seem in this example, that the belief is based upon the circumstances, it really isn't because no belief outcome has been defined, no paired choices and actions have occurred to produce an ambiguous outcome.

To remember how this works, think decision is based upon rote experiences with you operating on auto-pilot.

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