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At Choice Awareness we help you create beliefs and related language along with showing you how to make and keep commitments: we call this taking a stand.

You may ask why this might be important to you as an individual and a company?

From our perspective, taking a stand about your beliefs is character building because it has you making and keeping commitments about your beliefs, choices, actions and the results you get.

(Wisdom Sidebar) When you begin to use our Beliefs and Choices Methodology (BCM), you get to make clear definitions of the things you really want to occur in your life and business: they manifest in your definitions of your beliefs, choices, actions and results by your clear articulation of them.

You get to understand with high clarity and awareness what happens during the implementation and execution of your designed beliefs: you get to experience lifting of language and behaviors. By the way, you can monitor and manage what works and what doesn't.

Because of your close inspection and active participation of your own beliefs and choices architecture, you live in the moments of your stands and experiences and the reality of what you have designed.

Language that Character Builds

Many companies today define core principles and values, yet these usually lack a destination. For instance, a company may stand for quality but do little in defining what quality actually means for them. Quality could mean delivering perfection in the customer design and manufacture of a product. It could mean delivering a service which produces the client outcome in a specified time-frame. It could have all kinds of meaning. Yet, without a clear definition, it is a turkey shoot (e.g. hit and miss).

A better way to illustrate this gap in understanding between core principles and values is to define tangible beliefs, all of which have a designed outcome/result which is measurable. For instance, let's assume you wish to have quality as a principle tenet of your company. We suggest defining excellence instead, with a designed outcome of producing error free products or services, such that the top end of producing excellence is measured from 9.5 to 10.0 on the CAM Awareness Scale.

For those of you that know the Intel Lean 6 Sigma process (i.e. 6 errors per million parts) you can appreciate how difficult it is to produce excellence. Moving from a 9.5 to 9.6 can be challenging at best. It is near impossible without defining practices inside your company: there are other ways to reach excellence (i.e. see the Nextflix deck - BTW we consider the Netflix way all articulated beliefs). Your defined beliefs represent the language of your company - it will reduce ambiguity and enroll people into what you wish to accomplish. By defining beliefs, you are part of the way toward building processes.

Some Examples of Foundation Beliefs/Practices

What you have been reading are our powerful ideas, all based around the concept of implementing beliefs and enrolling yourself and your people inside the beliefs that will perpetuate your on-purpose living and business experiences. OK, so you may ask what kinds of beliefs would accomplish that for you?

We say that you should design beliefs around the kinds of behaviors that you want to show up in your life and business. We call these virtuous behaviors worthy of daily activity and attention. For example, let's say that your business is an engineering firm that creates designs for medical products to help sustain life (e.g. pace-makers, insulin injectors, etc.). One of the the top behaviors you wish to have show up in all activities is attention-to-detail with an outcome of designing the product to FDA and client requirements. All measurable too. Perhaps also, you wish integrity as one of your behaviors measurable by matching actions to language (e.g. promises fulfilled). In addition, you have defined a can-do-attitude where the outcome is persevering in the face of challenges/problems and having them solved to an effective end.

OK, are you getting the idea of how one could do this. Yes? No? Maybe?

But, let's take the example a step further. We want to ensure that people understand what these beliefs mean, how important they are to success and the benefits of performing the behaviors. Since many firms today are measurement conscious, these beliefs will track well inside the performance based environment and will lift language, behaviors, performance and enrollment. How?

You must over-articulate the beliefs so that they become second nature to everyone. You can accomplish this by creating visual displays placed strategically throughout your business, so that you can point to these visual displays as training devices whenever an issue arises. Look at the example of a visual display of integrity close by. 

We suggest having a stand-up 10 minute meeting at the end of the day to review one specific error(s) that arose during the day.

Point to integrity and ask some of these questions: 1) How did this belief show up in your work today?; 2) What led you to believe it would be helpful to exercise this behavior?; 3) What was the solution and the result in you using this behavior?; 4) How has this behavior led to performance - Low, medium, or high?

By implementing these ideas inside your life and business, you will lift your language by the usage becoming more precise, your behaviors will improve and your confidence levels and contribution will increase. BTW, we have the data to prove this works...

We invite you to look around our website to explore more of our ideas and see how our services and products will fit with your needs.
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