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Exploring Possiblity

At Choice Awareness we believe that as Aspirant's we strive to remain in a state of exploring and learning: consistently looking for possibility to show-up for us.

This takes work effort and time to allow our beliefs to come into place in your life: you must be committed to your own definitions, so that you can consistently ponder, believe, monitor and measure them, all the while visualizing what is to occur.

But, possibility is a bit different...

A Manifesting Standard Baseline 

The important things we want for ourselves in our lives must be defined clearly and articulated well so that they can manifest, as we mentioned in our last sub-menu definition of Manifesting.

Yet, we invite you to keep an open mind as you ponder with us some new ideas.

DEFINITION of Possibility

For a look at how dictionaries define words, seek to understand the Merriam-Webster version of possibility.

For a range of perspective from Wikipedia, we invite you to look at possibility (i.e. subjective): delve as deep as you wish.

As a starting point with us though, we accept the Merriam-Webster definition as follows:

 a chance that something might exist, happen, or be true : the state or fact of being possible...

We say that the outcomes of possibility are such that a series of alternatives will come present, some of which you may understand or not: the or-not is probably much more exciting at times because it has a tendency to take you out of your own perspectives.

Exploring All Kinds of Resources

We believe that the choices should begin with the following starting point suggestions:

  1. Ask your deity or higher power for help

  2. Meditate or pray about what you want to come present

  3. Research the internet, library, books, magazines, etc.

  4. Ask people for their input and their associated stories about them

  5. Record each item in your journals for all ideas that come present for you

  6. Share your ideas with others to see if more ideas can come present: simply because of the sharing of them you may gain other perspectives

  7. Look for contrarian ideas, especially those which don't match any of your beliefs

  8. Have conversations about your alternatives with a wide range of people

Once you have exhausted identifiying your alternatives, explore them further by way of measuring their effectiveness to your own situations: record each in your journal the measurement of such next to of your alternatives definitions.

(Wisdom Side) Do they fit or not? If they do, how do they and can they measure at least 8.0 on the CAM Awareness Scale such that they can be considered valid alternatives. If they measure below a 4, you may wish to disgard them. The items which fall between 5 and 7.9 could be great ideas for another situation.

Put your recordings away for a few hours or days, then come back to them to see if anything else has come present since your last review. 
Also, we invite to to read one of our recent blogs on the subject: Surrendering to Something Greater.
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